The Most Unusual Food Festivals All Over the World

People love to eat new types of food while travelling. Therefore, visiting a food festival is the perfect occasion to try new flavours and experience whole new food cultures. Whether you are into baked goods, health food or just want to be inspired, here are a handful of impressive food festivals for you.

Battle of the Oranges, Ivrea, Italy

This is a food festival dating back to the Middle Ages. At that time, people threw beans, but today, participants of this festival use oranges as a weapon in a battle. The festival is Ivrea’s main highlight and attracts visitors from all over the world. The event is based on the legend of the daughter of a baker who started a revolt among the people against the cruel baron. In fact, there are several unusual food festivals in Italy.

Maple syrup festival, Ontario, Canada

Maple syrup festival takes place in Canada during March-April. A collection of maple juice begins at the end of February. The first mention of this festival goes back to 1760. Then, the gathering of this dense liquid was carried out by native Americans. They evaporated the juice and thus obtained sugar. Today, the festival presents a variety of dishes of maple syrup or with its addition. Some of them can be enjoyed during the festival. One of the most classic dishes with maple syrup is waffles. But you can also add it to vegetables or to the chicken legs sauce.

South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Florida

If you are a true wine fan, head to Florida’s South Beach for a four-day food marathon. Here you will meet some of the world’s most famous chefs and winemakers. Taste Michelin-starred quality dishes and enjoy some of the very best wines here in Southern Florida. When you are full, relax in the sun on the beach. The festival is held in February annually, tickets are available for sale in October the year before.

La Tomatina Festival, Bunyola, Spain

It is one of the world’s most famous food festivals. It takes place at the end of August or at the beginning of September in the Spanish city called Bunyola. For a week, the life of a small town is entirely subjected to the laws of the tomato festival. On average, 35,000 people come to see this event. But the population of the city itself is 4 times smaller! It is said that the throwing of tomatoes has become a symbol of protest against the dictator’s regime. Until 1975, participation in the “battle” was paid. But in the end, the monks, and then the authorities of the city began to distribute the canned tomatoes for free. After all, the presence of tourists brings profits to the city. The festival usually lasts for a week. During this time, you can walk to the market, parade in costumes and participate in the paella-eating competition. And on Wednesday, at 11 o’clock in the afternoon, the firework show starts in front of the town hall. This serves as a signal for the beginning of the tomatoes battle. The battle lasts exactly one hour. There are no special rules – you can throw a tomato at anyone standing nearby.

Galway Oyster Festival, Ireland

Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival is held on the west coast of Ireland during September. Visiting this event, you will experience “seafood journey” during which you will have a chance to attend the World Oyster Opening Championships, and enjoy traditional Irish music. There are some free events, but tickets for the opening night cost € 40. Children can enter for free on Sundays, when there are plenty of family-friendly activities and chef demonstrations that everyone can enjoy.

Salon Du Chocolat, Paris, France

During this festival, famous chefs and chocolatiers from all over the world come together in Porte de Versailles to showcase their chocolate and explain their techniques. At the festival, you can participate in workshops, attend live performances, taste chocolate liquor, have books signed and do much more. The festival started in 1994 and is recognised as one of the largest chocolate festivals over the world.

Mango Festival, New Delhi, India

Indian’s national animal is Bengal tiger, the flower is lotus, and mango is the most important fruit. This festival takes place in New Delhi, India, and it is an event dedicated to mango fruit. It has a special place in the country’s life. According to legend, the Buddha once ate mango during deep thought. Then, the philosopher commanded to bury the mango stone in the place he indicated. They say that immediately from the earth appeared a sprout, which soon grew and a tree with mango fruits appeared. Since then, mangoes have become a sacred plant for India. It is a symbol of abundance and health. In a local market, a kilo of mango costs only half a dollar. At the festival, you can taste mango without even paying for it. There are also various competitions dedicated to this fruit.


Food is a big part of each culture, that is why it shouldn’t be omitted while travelling. We hope that now you know where to go during your next holidays. Unusual food festivals will provide you with a lot of fun, filled to the brim with delicious entertainment.

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