The thrills of the games at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

The Stratosphere Las Vegas is a hotel, several bars and restaurants, a nightclub, shops, a sports center, a panoramic view, and even an amusement park, between 260 and 330 feet tall.

Las Vegas by night Stratosphere 1 Stratosphere 2 Stratosphere 3 Stratosphere Swing

4 attractions to be thrill by the Stratospehere:

Big Shot is 329 meters high, the highest free-fall tower in the world.

Insanity is 270 meters high, which leaves you before swinging in a vacuum and then makes you spin like a top at more than 50 kilometres per hour.

X-Scream stands at 264 meters high by rolling a coster out … ordinary.

SkyJump is a controlled Bungee jumping

The first three attractions cost $15, just over 10 euro, while a jump from the cloud coast is $ 110, but since you still need to pay the climb to the tower, you should buy a value pack, somewhere between 23 and $34. The only climb to the top costs $18 for adults and $10 for boys

By Alba V

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