Tips on Finding the Most Comfortable Shoes for a Trip

Who has never imagined living life as a traveler? Travel the world, visit countries, discover cities, meet people, wait in airports, take trains. Many people dream of it.

The truth is that the traveler’s life is also fatigue, days without sleep, long walks and more. One of the aspects that most concern you is the issue of traveling clothes. We have received many requests from you in which you ask us what are the best garments for good comfort and protection from the cold, heat, rain and wind during trips. So, at this point, we have decided to make a selection of the best comfortable shoes to travel.

Footwear is very important for travelers. People accustomed to travel need to spend long hours standing and walking, so for them it is essential to have a type of footwear that ensures comfort, stability and protection.

For the preparation of this guide we have analyzed more than 30 shoe models. But before delving into a deeper selection we will explain what are the most important aspects that must be taken into account when selecting shoes.

Aspects to consider before buying shoes for travel

In our footwear guides we always refer to fundamental aspects when choosing comfortable shoes. But when it comes to choosing comfortable shoes to travel you have to answer a series of questions to know what type of footwear is the most recommended for us. Among those questions are:

What kind of tourism are we going to do?

There can be many types of tourism: adventure tourism, mountain tourism, urban tourism, business travel. In each case the shoes that you must choose will be different. For example, for mountain and adventure we must choose a consistent shoe that resists all types of terrain and ensures good protection against soil abrasion, stones, branches etc. On the other hand, for city tourism it is better to wear more flexible footwear or something elegant, comfortable and light such as the shoes of Paul Evans.

What kind of climate will you face?

Another key aspect when choosing footwear is the temperature and the weather that you will face. It will not be the same to choose a footwear for a dry and hot place and to choose a footwear for a cold place, with snow or with rain. In the first case, a footwear with a good air circulation system will be necessary to keep the foot dry of sweat and without odors. In the second case it will be important to have insulating shoes of the cold and with a good waterproofing system to prevent water from reaching the foot.

What type of land will you frequent?

This question is more or less related to the first. It will not be the same to go to the city and to go to the mountain.

What is the purpose of the trip?

Another important aspect is knowing the purpose of the trip. If it is a business or work trip it will be important to use a more formal footwear. On the other hand, if it is a leisure and fun trip, you can opt for more informal designs in which comfort is more important than the appearance of the shoe itself.

These questions are questions that must be answered at a specific level when buying footwear for travel. However, it is worth remembering other more general aspects which always have an impact: materials, sole, sizes.


The material with which they are manufactured is essential depending on the time of year in which we will use the footwear. While the shoes designed for winter are made of leather and are usually covered with cold-insulating reinforcements, summer shoes are usually made of a synthetic material that relieves the foot in hot situations.

Indoor coverage

To cope with the cold of the winter months, some models of shoes incorporate a forage on the inside that keeps the foot warm at all times.


The sole is another important factor when buying shoes. If we want to walk for hours, the ideal is a flat sole with small and wide heel. Likewise, if we are going to walk on the rain or on the snow, we will need a good sole that isolates us from the cold and prevents us from slipping.


In some cases we can see that some models of shoes incorporate a series of reinforcements. What type of reinforcements do we refer to? For example, in the tip. This part, sometimes, is covered with a slightly harder material that protects us in case of blows or stumbles and also acts as waterproof.


When buying shoes online it is important to make sure of our size. All the brands offer a table of sizes so that we can check the standard measurements of their shoes and we can choose more precisely the size that best suits us. Remember that the size we use in a brand may not correspond to the size that suits us well in another brand.

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