As winter falls, a lot of us are already daydreaming about where we can take out next adventure when the winter doldrums get to be too much. Vacations are important to a fulfilling life and this frigid, dark time of year is a great time to explore a new place. Below are some suggestions for places to visit during this winter.

Florida is not just a place for snowbirds over eighty. It is the perfect place for that, but it also has adventure and excitement around every corner. Going to Florida for a vacation is an affordable way to get some sun and sand without leaving the country and you even have the option to drive there. Once you are there there is something for everyone, you can take your kids to the beach and Disney world, enjoy the art and nightlife in Miami, and eat some authentic cuban cuisine. You can go to the Everglades National Park and take a bike ride through it to a vantage point tower with amazing views. Just don’t let an alligator bite your leg as you bike by them, they sunbathe right on the path! Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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