Trip and Travel Blog Travel Photo Contest

Earlier this week we created a contest on our Facebook page which requested the best travel photos our followers have taken. We were surprised to see a lot of gorgeous shots and as it was announced, the winners would be decided with the amount of likes and the winning photos are included in this post.

Below are 10 most amazing travel photos of our dear world travelers from lowest to highest liked. Next to the name of the location the photos were taken from you’ll find the Facebook name of the uploader. All credit goes to the original photographers who took part in the contest.

10. Venice, Italy – Photo by Jean Berghaus

9. Venice – Photo by Karen Orange

8. Paris – Photo by Melissa Sarmiento Villanueva

7. Bran, Transylvania – Photo by Audrey-Jane Kelly

6. Avlaky beach, Corfu, Greece – Photo by Niculina Ion

5. Mykonos – Photo by Jayne Moretti

4. Cambodia – Photo by Leonie James

3. Imperial Palace, Hue, Vietnam – Photo by Leonie James

2. St. James Park, London – Photo by Angela Marie

1. Ravennaschlucht, Germany – Photo by Danielle Bauier

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