Vienna is for lovers

Vienna is well known for being one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Located in the heart of Europe, it’s the perfect place to fall in love and stay in love, and the city’s many faces make it a multi-faceted destination offering something to every type of visitor.

Short breaks to Vienna have the potential to be some of the most romantic ever, complete with cosy hotels, chic restaurants, couples-specific sightseeing tours as well as picturesque scenery and world-class culture. Here are some of the best activities for a romantic Viennese holiday.

Sachertorte at Café Sacher

This 19th century cafe is the pinnacle of period romance. Gilt-framed paintings don the walls while extravagant chandeliers hang over the floating notes of the afternoon pianist as he serenades visitors who have come to revel in this romantic magic. The red velvet interiors and rich dessert menu make this the perfect place to indulge a sweet tooth with your sweetie.

The Kiss

The famed Gustav Klimt painting known as ‘The Kiss’ is perhaps one of the most famous in modern art. This captivating image has helped make Viennese native Klimt one of the most recognisable names in art history, and the widely produced image one of the most popular in the world.

The original image portraying a couple locked in a tender embrace hangs in The Upper Belvedere Gallery within Prince Eugene of Savoy’s 18th century summer palace which makes for a lovely afternoon excursion sure to make many a visitor swoon.

The Riesenrad

No romantic jaunt to Vienna would be complete without a spin on the famous Riesenrad Ferris wheel. Located in picturesque Prater Park, this Ferris wheel spins visitors from the candyfloss scented air and merry-go-round music on the ground to the sweeping views of the park and the city beyond that have been enchanting visitors since 1897.

For the ultimate Riesenrad experience take a spin once the sun goes down to get a glimpse of illuminated Vienna – one of the most romantic vistas in all of Europe.

Opera at the Staatsoper

Perhaps the penultimate in Viennese romance is a trip to the Wiener Staatsoper or Vienna State Opera.  The building itself is shaped like a horseshoe and boasts elegant red and gold auditorium seats from which to view some of the most remarkable operas and ballets in the world while the renowned Vienna philharmonic accompanies from the pit.

Vienna State Opera

Vienna State Opera image by Miguel Mendez

Vienna is full of cosy cafes, decadent restaurants, chic nightclubs and world-class hotels. From the top of a Ferris wheel to orchestra seats at the opera, Vienna does romance better than many of its European counterparts, and a stroll down the Danube each morning complete with a stop for pastries and coffee will soon have visitors wondering why they ever have to leave.

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