Why it is worth visiting New Orleans

Upon arriving in New Orleans, you’ll understand why the city is called “The Big Easy”, the character of the city is a wonderful mix of American culture, French atmosphere and blues rhythms.
The starting point to visit New Orleans is without doubt the French Quarter, the old neighborhood which was focused after the original French population in 1803 after Louisiana was ceded to the United States by Napoleon.
The days go slow and sluggish, especially in hot and sultry summer days, but with the sunset, the streets fill with people, music and fun, especially on weekends when the alcohol flows freely.

Walking through the French Quarter, you can admire the colonial-style houses, with the characteristic iron balconies, the Creolo residences, jazz cafes, voodoo and folklore shops. Do not forget that New Orleans is a city a little magic, in beautiful Jackson Square it is natural to find in front of the St Louis Cathedral dozens of banquets with ladies who read hands, clean the aura and curse your enemies.

St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, New Orleans
St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, New Orleans

A holiday in New Orleans is not complete without a tour of voodoo, you can follow the colorful map of organized tours to guide you around the city. Do not miss the monumental St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 (best in group or with a guide for safety) where the tomb of Marie Laveau is, the most powerful voodoo queen, and hundreds of tombs decorated with gifts and symbols of Santeria.

To find some souvenirs to take home the best place is the French Market, where you can have as lunch  one of the delicacies prepared at the stalls: a sandwich with fried shrimp, oysters or delicious smoked alligator.

French market, New Orleans
French market, New Orleans

Walking along the mighty Mississippi River, along the pier you can buy a ticket for a trip by boat on the big red paddle or for a trip in the marshes in search of crocodiles. Understand the practical and prosaic spirit of Americans seeing the Katrina tour brochure, following the devastation of the hurricane.
Finally, take the bus to the Garden District, home to the rich and luxurious mansions with characteristic porches and lush gardens.

To enjoy the local atmosphere we have two first-hand advice, go for dinner at a good hour from Coop’s, Decatur Street, and taste the dish with three Cajun cuisine (gumbo, fried chicken and jambalya), then take a hurricane cocktail.

By Elsi H

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