Travel Infographics

A collection of the latest travel Infographics from in order to help graphically oriented travellers

Christmas in OZ

The infographic below was created by Lee Jackson and he justifies this piece of art as a simple Christmas card explaining how awesome is the life in Australia and particularly in Christmas... Brought to by Travel...

The numbers behind the travel industry

Did you ever wonder how many things are behind the travel industry? The following travel infographic from Travelmatch shows all the stats.
Hungry Traveler

The Hungry Traveller

What does beer have to do with William Shakespeare? How long would it take a snail to travel from Barcelona to Goa, and what’s that got to do with curry? Find out the answers...
The strangest laws around the world

The strangest laws around the world (2)

As you already read 5 absurd laws in the previews travel infographic, here is the rest of them.

Femaly tourism in Hungary will increase to the maximum (size)

This post is dedicated to the female tourists. I cant say anything else ;) Hats off to Hungaty !!! Enjoy the travel infographic from datingfails.

Summer tan index for British

Are you British? Are you planning your vacations and you don't know the country that you will get the best tanning? The travel infographic below shows the sunniest places : )

Deadliest Creatures Around The World

Hidden in the thickest of jungles and the deepest of oceans are some of the most notoriously deadly creatures in the world. Travel Supermarket has created an interesting infographic listing the most deadly animals around...

Destination for sexual tourism with the highest levels of laidcation

You have lots of reasons to travel abroad but one of the best reason is to get laid. The travel infogaphic below shows these destinations. Enjoy and good luck ;)