Travel Infographics

A collection of the latest travel Infographics from in order to help graphically oriented travellers

Fun facts about space traveling

The particular infographic which is designed by and for Nasa gives some numerical facts about the space.Enjoy :)

Best British Restaurants offering cheap and quality food

If you are thinking to visit the United Kingdom the travel infographic below from the Michelin Star Lunches will keep you happy (belly + wallet)

Airport security |Then and Now

the airport security started changing from 1930. Presently in 2012 because of the terrorism the security check is the worse thing that can ever happen to a traveler. The travel infographic from gives some details.

Destination for sexual tourism with the highest levels of laidcation

You have lots of reasons to travel abroad but one of the best reason is to get laid. The travel infogaphic below shows these destinations. Enjoy and good luck ;)  

Facts about Lake Tahoe

The travel infographic below show the right statistics for travellers that want to visit Lake Tahoe and Wikipedia is not enough. According to a research that was conducted by Flipkey, visitors of Lake Tahoe...

Space traveling and the consequences

Everybody thinks that cpace traveling is easy and exciting. The space travel infographics below demonsterates the reality. Enjoy fellas :)  

The Future of Theme Parks

This latest Infographic from takes a look at what the theme parks of the future will have to offer -automatically guided vehicles, robot drones and high definition holograms are getting ever closer- but...

What travelers eat and sleep while traveling

Did you ever wonder what to eat and where to sleep while traveling? The travel infographic below that was created by will show you the way...