Travel Infographics

A collection of the latest travel Infographics from in order to help graphically oriented travellers

Mobile vs desktop | What do you use?

When it comes to booking your travel, are you happy to book on your mobile phone or is an old school desktop computer still your devise of choice? When are people most likely to...

Christmas in OZ

The infographic below was created by Lee Jackson and he justifies this piece of art as a simple Christmas card explaining how awesome is the life in Australia and particularly in Christmas... Brought to by Travel...

Travel destinations for the celebrities

Hey mate!!! Ye you @@...Did you ever wonder where do the famous people have their  vacations?? I do think about it a lot of times :) The travel infographic below shows all these tricky...
Los Angeles Guide

Access All Areas Guide to Los Angeles

How to Unlock Exclusive LA Los Angeles, California, is the ultimate vacation destination. During the day you can spend time on beautiful beaches ideal for surfing, swimming or relaxing, hit up the world’s best shopping...

Nuclear Holocaust, what now?

A nuclear holocaust in the world would mean that half of the population wouldn’t know what to do first in order to survive. The infographic below (provided shows some tips in order to...

The Future of Theme Parks

This latest Infographic from takes a look at what the theme parks of the future will have to offer -automatically guided vehicles, robot drones and high definition holograms are getting ever closer- but...

Why should you travel green?

The travel infographic below is designed by fourpillars and displays the reasons why we all should go green.
What you can do on a boat

Things you can do on a boat

The travel infographic below shows the activity that one can do in yacht or a boat starting and ending with passion sports like: fishing, relaxing, diving and dating as well.