10 Most Beautiful Italian Beaches

Italy sits in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and it is home of many amazing beaches in addition to these, Italy has favorable weather conditions and healthy cuisines which makes it an ideal destination for fun-seekers who love to unwind by the beachside. These are ten of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.


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Chia is located in Sardinia and it is not just a remarkable beachside but a pre-historic site. The dense forests part ways to reveal long beach that are ranked the most beautiful in Sardinia. The sands are white, the waters are very clear.

Capo Testa

Capo Testa is a beautiful region of Sardinia that has lovely beaches sprawled around it. From Capo Testa, you can have an ample view of Corsica or dive in the first class swimming areas. The rocks are Moon-shaped, the sands are golden.


Ischia is an Island that is loved for its hot springs and thermal baths. The Mezzatorre Resort is the main spot where visitors of the Island can enjoy the full benefits of this Spa town. You can get an enviable view of the Mediterranean Sea from here. The beaches are filled with beautiful strips of white sand.


Vasto is located in Abruzzo in Italy. Vasto beach with white sands located along the Adriatic Sea. Vasto is a family-friendly resort, you can enjoy seeing the traditional Italian fishing platforms made of wood emerge from the waters like sea sculptures.

Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario located in Tuscany should be added to the wonders of the Earth. This beach resort is a tourist hotspot, especially during summertime. The waters are a rich cobalt blue and at the central part is the Hotel Il Pellicano.

San Vito lo Capo

San Vito lo Capo located in Sicily welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists during summer especially those visiting from Trapani and Palermo. The food here is mostly Arabian-styled and there are lots of boat tours to show visitors around.


Viareggio is located in Tuscany and it is one of the most classic Italian seasides. The sand dunes are neatly groomed; the intensity of the Sun is shielded by umbrellas. The cuisines are wonderful and the ambiance is top notch. Viareggio is popularly called the ‘Florence by Sea’.


Tropea is located in Calabria and it is a classy beachside that is loved by those who want a slower paced lifestyle. The beach can be visited through a private staircase and Tropea is famous for its Gelati Tonino Ice Cream Building.

San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso is one of the magical beaches located in Liguria. There are a lot of boutique hotels in this region. San Fruttuoso is a picturesque beach has an abbey behind it. The abbey was built during the medieval times


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Puglia is the most beautiful beach region in Italy. The sands are whitewashed, the waters are translucent and the food is second to none. The primitive wines of Puglia are also one of the most sought-after wines in Italy. Puglia has some of the top-notch hotels surrounding it.

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