Tips For Traveling To Italy

Here are some tips for traveling to Italy. Based on our experience of being in the country for many years here’s all you need to know to travel to Italy and enjoy the trip!

Prices and saving tips

Travel to Italy is not exactly cheap. It is not as expensive as northern Europe but more so than any of the south European countries such as Greece, Portugal or Spain and eastern and central Europe. Hotels are usually quite expensive in touristic areas. If you’re on a budget it is best to avoid August and the holidays for bookings. If you want to keep in touch with your family or friends from your country, your best option would be to use prepaid online phone cards. You will save a lot on phone charge.


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Dining in restaurants is not overly expensive and there are many good affordable options. For example go to a Rosticceria, take a panino at a bar or go to a pizzeria.

Tickets to museums tend to be very expensive and usually do not drop below €15, although there are always discounts for students. For example, the Florence’s Uffizi costs €12 and they charge an extra €6 commission to make the online booking which is practically mandatory because they are usually full.

As for public transport in many cities bus tickets are valid for 90 minutes so if you change buses within that time you can reuse the same ticket.

When to travel to Italy

Traveling to Italy in August is not a good idea, as with most European countries. It’s hot, prices are more expensive and everything is packed. The best times to travel to Italy are spring and autumn, early or late summer. For examples, traveling to Italy in September is very good choice. The weather is mild, crowds are avoided and prices are cheaper. During Christmas the big cities such as Rome also have their charm.


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The climate changes from area to area, but cities like Florence or Venice can reach almost 40°C in summer and there is a lot of humidity, so if you have the possibility to have your vacation at another time, it would be much better.

Places of interest and how to plan a trip to Italy

What to see in Italy? It’s impossible to answer that question without writing a book. The traditional circuits include Rome, Florence and Tuscany, Venice, Naples, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast and Sicily. Besides those, there are thousands of equally attractive touristic areas, from the Alps to the small beaches of Sardinia and from big cities like Bologna to small medieval villages like Lucca.


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My first advice for planning a trip to Italy is to choose an area and do not try to see everything, it’s impossible. The landscapes of the Dolomites, the beaches and towns of Apulia or a road trip through Sicily are all lovely options. Yes, you can leave Italy without seeing Florence, Venice or Rome, or seeing only one of these cities.


All in all, Italy is one of the most popular traveling destinations in the world and for very good reasons. Hopefully, with these tips you’ll be able to plan your trip to this beautiful country better.

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