5 Things to Do in Camden Town

Camden town located in London is one of the busiest towns in the United Kingdom. It is not surprising to know that it is one of the most expensive cities to live in because it is breathtaking and fabulous. There are so many ancient buildings to explore, lovely marketplaces, captivating apparel shops, upscale café and queues of food stalls for the best gastronomy. There is something for everyone! Are you visiting Camden town for the first time? These activities should be on your to-do list.

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Drink beer at the Camden Town Brewery

There are lots of incredible bars, pubs, and taverns that serve the best wines, beers, cocktails, and scotch. The spectacular terrace on the rooftop at the Hawley Arms bar at Hawley Road gives a panoramic view of the entire region. There are other high-end bars like Elephants Head, The World’s End and the Sparkway. These pubs serve the best drinks you can ever imagine.

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Attend a Live concert

At Camden, every evening is basically a party. The town bubbles with many artists and their live bands that go about doing what they do best. The rock bands are some of the most popular bands in Camden.  The punk bands are also very great at concerts. However, lovers of heavy metal, classical and jazz music will be elated to see some live bands in this genre of music in action. The most popular places to visit for topnotch live band performances is RoundHouse, Jazz Café, Electric Room, the Dublin Castle, Camden Assembly, Spiritual Bar.

Go Plonking at the Camden Market

A visit to Camden without visiting the famous Camden Stables Market is incomplete. Camden Market stands out as one of the largest markets on the planet. If you visit this spectacular site, you will not only find the bronze statue of Amy Winehouse but will be lucky to go plonking at the gigantic market. Over 700 traders live in this market. The market has a 9-hole Plonk World. Visitors are allowed to come with their canned drinks and children are welcome to visit with adults. The plonk course is open all week.

Explore street art

One distinctive feature of Camden Town is the street art. The captivating works of art you see on different streets are some of the most fascinating you will see in Europe. On the walls of numerous streets are graffiti of renowned artists both professional and amateur. The best places to find the best graffiti for your viewing is at Hawley Street, Hartland/Artland Road, and Jamestown Road.

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Try out new cuisines

Some of the best restaurants in London are located in Camden. One of the best areas to visit in this town is the Middle Yard. Numerous food stalls are lining this area where delicious meals like wraps, burgers, local and continental dishes can be found. Also, there are options for health-conscious foodies and vegetarians. If you are tired of walking and having an adventure, stroll to any of the food stores on the high street and make your choice.

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