All You Ever Wanted to Know About Greece – Focus Greece Review

Greece is undoubtedly the favourite destination for millions of travelers around the world, which is why it gets so many visitors every year. During summer the whole country is on fire, but especially the islands are just like paradise on earth. However, finding accurate information on the internet about the country, its most remote destinations and its culture can be difficult. That’s why today we’re taking a look at Focus Greece.

What is it?

Focus Greece is a webpage dedicated to Greece and all its beauty and intricacies. In the site visitors can find the more current and valuable information about travel but not only. There is detailed information about accommodation, transportation and a lot of practical information about Greece, such as average temperatures in every region, best times to visit, what to avoid, health and safety tips and practical tips for traveling there.

In addition, Focus Greece also provides lengthy reviews about the best hotels, restaurants, shops and very precise data about offers and services that are only available in Greece.

What’s good about it?

What’s awesome about Focus Greece is that it has a very clear goal, defined by the two words that make up its name. Focus Greece is all about Greece, a country with the richest history in the world and it doesn’t disappoint. The articles on the site are well written and very informative, providing details that only locals and native Greeks know about where to go and what to try. This is information that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

Also the offers and recommendations found on the site are all tried and verified to be of the best quality. If you find a restaurant recommended, it’s because one of the team went to said restaurant and tried its traditional cuisine.

Another fact that makes this site incredible is that can find places mentioned and described extensively that very few people even know exist. It’s hidden gems that you wont find anywhere else by just searching on the web.

Finally, what really seals the deal about Focus Greece is that the practical information provided could literally save a life. Most travel publishers on the net only focus on the positives and try to make countries look good. Greece is so beautiful you don’t need to try hard to make it look good, but just like every place in the world, it also has its ugly side. Focus Greece does not try to pretend that this ugly side doesn’t exist. Instead it acknowledges it and publishes helpful information about what to avoid and where to get help in case you end up in an unpleasant situation. Such information is indispensable.


All in all, we rate Focus Greece the most well designed and maintained travel page about Greece. If you plan to visit the country anytime soon or just generally would like to learn more about it, then we absolutely suggest taking a look at Focus Greece.

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