The Most Beautiful Beaches in Myanmar

Myanmar is the home of gilded pagodas. The country has breathtaking landscapes and a long stretch of coastline that lies between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Bengal. The resorts of Myanmar provide tourists with fresh air after they have taken a break from their busy lives. Myanmar has so many postcard beaches, and these are some of the most captivating bays in the country.

Kanthaya Beach

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Kanthaya Beach is located in Rakhine State, and it is one of the most stunning beaches you will ever visit in Asia. All thanks to the unique yellow sand. The sand is mixed with gravel. The beautiful masterpiece features a strip of blue water which serves as a playground for a host of sea sports.

Chaung Tha Beach

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Chaung Tha Beach is located at Ayeyarwady division, Myanmar. This is one of the most affordable beach resorts to visit in the country. Many, for its offshore islands, love it. During summer, holidaymakers troop into this bay to have an enjoyable time. Tourists enjoy boat rides and explore the whole perimeter of the beach. Visitors who love adventure, take a plunge into the turquoise water to discover the abundance of marine life. For lovers of equestrian adventure, this is one of the best beach bays to go horse riding.

Ngwe Saung Beach

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Ngwe Saung Beach is located at Ayeyarwady region in Myanmar. The beach is dominated by huge palm trees that sway when according to the direction of the wind. It stands out as one of the visited beaches in the country for exploring and relaxation. It has numerous facilities for accommodation and relaxation. If you go to this beach, you will not miss tourists lying on the idyllic white sands, getting some tan on their skin. The soft white sands are also perfect for taking a stroll. If you are an early bird, you will spot fishermen returning from the beach at dawn, bearing baskets of shrimps, crabs, lobsters and fresh fish.

Mergui Archipelago

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The Mergui Archipelago is located at the Southern region of Myanmar. This beach is blessed with powdery white sands that run for kilometres. You will be enthralled to see that there are no footprints on the pristine sands. The transparent azure seawater is home to scenic reefs, beautiful topography, a variety of fish species and abundant sea fauna. Tourists are captivated by monkeys who play around the shore of the sea, looking for crabs to eat. The picture of the Mergui Archipelago that will be etched in your memory will last more than a lifetime.

Ngapali Beach

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Ngapali beach is located in Rakhine State, and it is predominantly a stretch of white sand. Ngapali is not only the most beautiful beach in Myanmar but one of the most amazing beaches in Asia. The blue-green waters are perfect for sports like diving, swimming, rowing boats, golfing, cycling and kayaking. Visitors can also hike on the trails of beach sands along the seashore. For tourists who want to have a lazy time, the upscale restaurants at the Ngapali Beach serve some of the most delicious seafood cuisine and tasty drinks.

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