5 Things To Do When Visiting Davao

Davao is a beautiful city situated on the most southerly island of the Philippines and is a fantastic vacation destination. There has been so much written about Manila and with it being the capital city that is understandable but there is so much more to this fantastic country that prompted us to put together this guide to one of the less well-known gems of this beautiful country.

So here are some of the highlights that we think are not to be missed when making this trip.

Mount Apo

This impressive mountain is the highest peak in the whole of the Philippines coming in at 2,954 m and at this height is a considerable three to four-day expedition if you are to reach the summit. This being said it’s still a great area to visit even if you don’t plan to scale the mountain, you can take in much of the natural beauty and even visit the impressive Eden Nature Park which includes walks, wildlife, and family attractions.

Philippine Eagle Centre

A great place is the Philippine Eagle Centre, even if at first glance I thought it said the Philadelphia Eagles centre, which would be odd for a place in Davao. But seriously the area is well known for these birds and locally they are known as “haribon”, translated as “the king of the birds”. The center is a great day out and is where a lot of info can be found on the conservation of these great birds which are in decline in recent times.

Nights Out

Nightlife is the key to any great city and it is no different here, from restaurants in Davao to the cutely named BEEReaucracy Bar t something more high-octane such as the Acropolis Superclub, a massive dance club that will give a fantastic big night out. Most of the large clubs are open late into the night and you can even get something to eat at all hours of the day or night. The taxi service is reasonably good and so getting around should not be too much of an issue no matter when you finish up.

Crocodile Park

The crocodile park is another great tourist attraction and has lots of exhibits which are not limited solely to the crocodiles, there are many tigers and ostriches and you can even feed them or see several animal displays and shows. Be sure to book in advance as it can be very busy, especially in the busy tourist season or at weekends.


As with any large city Davao has it’s fair share of shopping centers and malls where you can spend a day shopping and making a day to buy what you need. Aldevinco Shopping Center has been widely regarded as a great place to shop for souvenirs and gifts. If you are wanting to see a smaller more local and traditional style of store then keep a lookout for these small sari sari stores which are everywhere around these islands.