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B&Bs versus Hotels

Before booking your next holiday think of this: are Hotels better than B&Bs ? The travel infogaphic in this post will give you options where you choose from.  
The city of Sydney

Sydney | The greatest city in the world

The graphic below gives the reasons why the city of Sydney is one of the best places to live and party around the world
Visitng Tanzania

Visiting Tanzania

The infographic below gives a taste of the truly exciting country of Tanzania by showing its wildlife, landscapes, safaris etc…
What you can do on a boat

Things you can do on a boat

The travel infographic below shows the activity that one can do in yacht or a boat starting and ending with passion sports like: fishing, relaxing, diving and dating as well.
The best island in Hawaii

The best island in Hawaii | Big Island

One of the best places in Hawaii is Big Island. Once there you will see green sea turtles popping up from everywhere.  
Traveling from China to Australia

Traveling from China to Australia

The particular travel infographic speaks about the relation between tourism and economy in Australia by having various charts from visitors that invest money in the sunny country.  

Why should you visit Cape Town?

The travel infographic in this post demonstrates the reasons why tourists should visit Cape town.  

The right vacation planner for your family

OrlandoVacation did a survey in order to find the way that various families plan for their own vacations.  The travel infographic below show s the responses of 60 families.    

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