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Facts about Lake Tahoe

The travel infographic below show the right statistics for travellers that want to visit Lake Tahoe and Wikipedia is not enough. According to a research that was conducted by Flipkey, visitors of Lake Tahoe...
David Livingstone Infographic

The bicentenary of David Livingstone’s birth

The 19th March 2013 marks the bicentenary of David Livingstone’s birth. Livingstone was one of the 19th Century’s most famous explorers, travelling much of Africa. To discover all the details of his life let...
6 examples of great customer service

Excellent customer service while traveling

The travel infographic below shows 6 examples of excellent customer service while traveling.
The definition of a travel writer

What is a travel writer ?

The travel infographic below describes the way that we can define a travel writer.

What is special about Yorkshire ?

The travel infographic below shows the points that make Yorkshire one of the best cities in the UK regarding its people, places, restaurants and famous people. By Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire.

Mobile vs desktop | What do you use?

When it comes to booking your travel, are you happy to book on your mobile phone or is an old school desktop computer still your devise of choice? When are people most likely to...
Hungry Traveler

The Hungry Traveller

What does beer have to do with William Shakespeare? How long would it take a snail to travel from Barcelona to Goa, and what’s that got to do with curry? Find out the answers...
Beach Breaks

Hungry Traveller Guide to Beach Breaks

When you’ve spent all day messing around on the beach, all that sea air is bound to give you an appetite. Luckily, the Hungry Traveller Guide to Beach Breaks infographic is on hand to...

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