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young businessman angry at the airport waiting his delayed flight with luggage

How To Sleep In The Hotel Room Soundly And Avoid Jet Lag?

Sound sleep at night is essential and people are getting more aware of its significance. People spend 1/3rd of their lifetime sleeping, so they find ways to make the most of it. Sound sleep...
Beautiful sunset on the beach with palms on a Caribbean island

Surprisit’s Surprise Trips and Getaways

People are now relying on close-to-home adventures with a different approach to traditional traveling, one that is more pandemic-friendly.
couple of campers with pineapple posing near campervan

Behind the Scenes – Campervan and Camping Realities You Need to Know

A little tongue-in-cheek blog on what awaits when you join the campervanning fraternity. If you’re in the final throws of converting that Transit, Sprinter, or Nissan NV into the campervan you’ve always wanted, maybe now...
Travel planning and technologies concept

How You Can Start Monetizing Your Travel Blog

If you love to travel, chances are you’ve already started to think about how to document your adventures. A blog is a great way to share your travel experiences, keep a personal record of...

Living off the Land – 6 Stateside Backpacking Trips for the Outdoor Enthusiast

The spring and summer months are beginning to creep closer, making now the most opportune time to start preparing for the backpacking trip of your dreams. Backpacking teaches minimalistic and sustainable practices while out...

Globe Trotter Dr. George Freundlich Presents – The Opera House In The Jungle

Tourists from around the globe are awestruck when they first set their sights on The Manaus Opera House located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. You read that correctly. There is...
Forest and sky

Planning an Extended Vacation Abroad – Consider These 6 Helpful Hints

Many folks book a week-long vacation, hoping it’ll be enough to recharge and distract from everyday stressors. But after long travel days, unpacking efforts, and settling into a routine, your vacation may already be...
Young woman on the interior of a camping tent

How Good Mattresses Can Improve Travelers’ Experience in Hotels

Do you often travel to different countries or cities for business? Or do you remember your last vacation where you spent a considerable amount of time staying in any hotel or resort? Do you...

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