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Utila town beach

The most beautiful islands in the world |The Caribbean Utila in Honduras

This little paradise is a long island of only 11 km, but it offers some 60 dive sites, where you may come across with a 18-meter whale shark (do not worry, they are vegetarians)....

5 Unusual Things You Didn’t Know About Paris

Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world. Its great monuments appear in movies, pictures and even key chains found in any store, but even so the beautiful capital still keeps...
Quai d'Austerlitz

Strange buildings | The palace that bleeds at the Quai d’Austerlitz in Paris

Even without going down, just take the lines of 5 or 6 subways soon as you are on Seine and you cannot help but notice the palace, with red drops dripping down on its...
World's largest whole

World’s deepest hole is in Kola, Russia

Did you know that there  a few things known about Earth's interior?! Some say we know more for the boundaries of the universe than the center of our planet. What we know less comes...
Lake Cuomo, Italy

5 Curious Things You Didn’t Know About Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations within Europe. The Italian cuisine, unique coffees, world heritage sites and important religious structures are usually part of everyone’s plan while visiting Italy. However, the truth is...

Pack away panic

Are you guilty of getting yourself into a panic before you go away on holiday? Do you spend the days you’re supposed to be getting excited, frantically thinking of what could go wrong and...

5 Things to Do in Miami

Viewed as one of the most enjoyable vacation destinations in the United States, Miami, Florida is overflowing with fun sights and activities.

Tips For Traveling To Italy

Here are some tips for traveling to Italy. Based on our experience of being in the country for many years here’s all you need to know to travel to Italy and enjoy the trip!

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