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How to Plan a Holiday on a Budget and Make Sure You Stick With...

The holiday season is probably everyone’s best part of the year. It is often commemorated with a lot of fun and excitement. Families and groups of individuals peruse the scape of the cities where they are holidaying while spending some money.
Florida Disney

Magical Holiday Destinations for Families

Take a look at the top picks for a magical family holiday in 2021 below and think about where you can picture yourself with your loved ones.
Seoul Skyline

Seoul on a Budget – What You Need to Know

Choose wisely, there are so many things to do here. You will never get bored in Seoul, even if your budget is tiny.

India has the largest number of post offices, film production and sugar producing companies

Did you know that the largest number of post offices is not in the EU, nor in Russia or China, but in India with 154.000 offices? The country with the largest film production is...

What are mirages and why they can be photographed

Our brain deceives us. But not on purpose, it is just a fault when optimizing processes. The brain is ready to respond equally to similar stimuli automatically, 'without thinking'. This saves time when interpreting the reality...
Girl walking on the beach

10 Beach Walking Tips – Beauty and Benefits for the Body, Mind and Soul

Whether you enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with a casual stroll along the sand, an active day playing seaside games or a mixture of both, beach walking provides beauty for the eyes, as well as benefits for the body, mind and soul.

A Guide to Getting an Australian Working Holiday Visa

Australia’s the ‘lucky country’. Known for our sunny skies, natural wonders and laidback lifestyle, it’s no wonder people want to come and visit Down Under!

Bizarre buildings | The headquarters of the National Architects Union in Bucharest

From the series, did you know that I present to you the building that houses the headquarters of the National Architects Union in Bucharest. Looking at it, the impression is that of a project...

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