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Young Woman Tourist In Scotland

Top Five Budget Friendly Ideas For Students

Being a student is often associated with being broke. Well, it is quite obvious why as a lot of  money is spent on paying tuition, paying rent (if you are staying on campus), buying textbooks and so on.
Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier | A pink lake in Australia

Did you ever think that there are lakes that turn pink for real? One of them is Lake Hillier. Situated on Middle Island, the largest in the Australian archipelago, it is consisted of at...
Towing an iceberg

Icebergs can be used as a source for drinking water ? | Did you...

Did you know that 70% of the planet's water is found in the polar caps? Every year millions of tons of melting ice are diluted in the seawater. For this reason, a project named...

Top Things to Do in Madison, Wisconsin, and Tips for First Timers!

Welcome to Madison, the city which is a synonym of a class and elegance in the US! With its energetic, high-spirited cultural scene, the capital of Wisconsin offers various attractions you can't discover during only one visit.

13 Things to Experience While in Estonia

Estonia is a fairy tale land surrounded by forest and mystery, shrouded in a bright cloud of romantic idealization that keep people coming back year after year.
Unicredit Tower, Milan

The Unicredit Tower in Milan | The tallest skyscraper in Italy

It is located in Italy, but not only, as more often is cited among the most beautiful buildings in Europe and the world. Among others recognize the quality of the building, the German Emporis, a...

Airplane Classes: Why they exist and how they effect Revenue?

Airlines are moving further towards expanding classes and slowly phasing out First Class to make room for more economic sound options. The idea of class systems has been a long running notion in the travel world.
Marianas Trench Deep point

Deepest point of the Earth

Did you know that the Everest would not emerge to the surface if it were placed in the deepest point of the ocean? The "Marianas Trench" marine trench is the deepest known to date...

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