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Tyneham Now & Pre-1943

Tyneham: the British village where time stopped in the year 1943

Have you ever read the story of people from Tyneham? If not, then here it is. Can you imagine receiving a letter that says you have to leave your family within the following month...
Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

The Incredible Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse Swallowed By The Dunes

Seeing a lighthouse surrounded by sand is quite unusual and seems strange. Usually they are surrounded by sea on a rocky promontory, on a remote island, left to inclement weather. However, this is not...
White Island mirage

What are mirages and why they can be photographed

Our brain deceives us. But not on purpose, it is just a fault when optimizing processes. The brain is ready to respond equally to similar stimuli automatically, 'without thinking'. This saves time when interpreting the reality...
Guanabara Bay

Rio de Janeiro doesn’t really exist

Did you know that there is no Rio de Janeiro?. When the Portuguese discovered the South American region in January 1502, it is believed that they reached the mouth of a river which they...
Unicredit Tower, Milan

The Unicredit Tower in Milan | The tallest skyscraper in Italy

It is located in Italy, but not only, as more often is cited among the most beautiful buildings in Europe and the world. Among others recognize the quality of the building, the German Emporis, a...
Waldorf Astoria

Famous couples and their favorite hotels

John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton are among the famous people who passed romantic moments in the rooms of the hotels below....
Calle Alcala, Madrid

A quick guide to Madrid

The city of Madrid is located in the center of Spain. Known for its many cultural landmarks and its boisterous nightlife, the city is the ideal destination for a quick city break. What to do? Explore...
Emerald lake

Canada has most of the lakes in the world | Did you know that

Did you know that more than half of the world's lakes are in Canada? Around the world there are approximately 3 million lakes and 60% of these lakes are in Canada. The lakes are...

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