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5 Ways to Save Money for Your Dream Trip

Where do you get the money to travel? Are you rich? For those who aren't, saving is necessary and today we'll show some tricks to save money for your next trip!

Should I Travel to Thailand or Indonesia?

Whenever the question of which destination we like best arises, Thailand or Indonesia, we need a bit of time to think.

6 Common Sun Myths Every Holidaymaker Should Know About

Did you know that you can get sun damage on cloudy days? Or that if you have blue eyes you should take extra care when it comes to UV rays?

Tips on Visiting the Blue Cave in Split, Croatia

The Blue Cave is a beautiful tourist spot awash with aesthetic and mystique. If you’re planning to go on something like the Pelican Tours Blue Cave tour you’d be wise to learn a little bit about the area and the tour itself before you go.

5 Common Misconceptions About Travel in Tibet

Tibet, the spiritual centre for Buddhism and home of mighty Everest, is a bucket-list favourite for many travellers. Despite its tumultuous history, Tibet travel has come a long way.
Santa Eulalia de Ujo of Asturias

Santa Eulalia de Ujo in Asturias | The church that moved to make way...

When you see a Gothic or Renaissance church, it is easy to foresee that the temple could be an evolution of a Romanesque church, which over the centuries has been expanded and screed. But...

Five Reasons Why Motorhomes to Hire Are Ideal For Long Holidays

There is no better way to escape the beaten track than to set on a road trip during the day and sleep under the starry sky at night. Adventure lovers and travel enthusiasts feel no hesitation in selling their homes just to get a chance for exploration and relaxation. With motorhomes to hire, there is no longer any need for anyone to go to such extreme extents in order to enjoy a relaxing road trip.

Jerusalem blanketed in snow

Two days ago TripandTravelblog told us that the snowfall that hit Lebanon, painting the ruins of the Temple of Bacchus in Baalbeck. An evocative and suggestive panorama is the same as are the images...

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