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Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

The Incredible Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse Swallowed By The Dunes

Seeing a lighthouse surrounded by sand is quite unusual and seems strange. Usually they are surrounded by sea on a rocky promontory, on a remote island, left to inclement weather. However, this is not...
Costa Rica

What to Pack for an Adventure Through Central America

Tours through Central America are a great way to see a number of countries with differing cultures during a single vacation. And while many tour companies offer advice on what to bring, take it...

How to Score the Best Airfare Deals

For travel enthusiasts, there is nothing like discovering a new destination – but if you end up scoring a great travel deal to get there, so much the better! Airplane is the most popular and convenient way for faraway trips, but if you want to book a ticket to the other side of the world, you often end up spending a fortune. Here are some useful tips on how to spend less for more.

5 Things to Do in Camden Town

Camden town located in London is one of the busiest towns in the United Kingdom. It is not surprising to know that it is one of the most expensive cities to live in because it is breathtaking and fabulous.

Tips for Visiting Miami for the First Time

Miami a place recognizable by all even if you've never visited before. Miami, like most great cities of the United States, is a temptation for the traveler.
The smoke and the discolored terrain

Burning mountain | The fire that burns endlessly in Australia

If you approach this place, now converted into a tourist attraction, you will soon begin to realize that something strange happens. The landscape changes around and eucalyptus forests give way to a lot of dead trees...

Tuvalu in Oceania | Main income comes from selling internet domains

Did you know that Tuvalu is a small country in Oceania consisted of 9 islands with fewer than 12,000 inhabitants?. Also, did you know that one of their main income comes from the rights...
Rub' al-Khali (Empty Quarter), Oman

The majesty of Planet Earth

Many feel separate and that the whole world revolves around themselves. Maybe they don't really realize how small they are before the majesty of Nature. Towering mountains, vast deserts, endless sky and trees thousands...

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