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A Visit to Saalbach, Austria’s Hidden Gem

When we think of Austria, maybe we think of strudel? The sound of music? Lederhosen? Most people probably think of Vienna and whilst there are countless unmissable experiences to be had in this historic city, it's not all that Austria has to offer!
Guanabara Bay

Rio de Janeiro doesn’t really exist

Did you know that there is no Rio de Janeiro?. When the Portuguese discovered the South American region in January 1502, it is believed that they reached the mouth of a river which they...

How to Choose Plane Tickets to Reach Resorts Wisely?

When you are going to have a vacation somewhere outside the country where you can find a sun, beach and friendly people around one thing you should do before you depart for a trip is a flight to move to the destination point.

Mystery and vertigo in Škocjan caves | Slovenia

Today we'll talk about the caves of Škocjan, a place where to feel vertigo without being at a high altitude but the contrary, cause this area of Slovenia is underground. How's that possible? Because it's the deepest underground...
White Island mirage

What are mirages and why they can be photographed

Our brain deceives us. But not on purpose, it is just a fault when optimizing processes. The brain is ready to respond equally to similar stimuli automatically, 'without thinking'. This saves time when interpreting the reality...

Dublin’s needle is the world’s largest sculpture | Did you know that

The needle of Dublin (the Spire), officially called the "monument of light" as it changes color depending on how the sun shines, rises imposingly on O'Connell Street in Dublin. With 120 meters, stainless steel...
Photographing Ruins

What Travelers Need To Bring To Stay Safe From COVID-19

Safe from COVID-19, if you’re among the many people who are looking to travel soon, make sure you bring with you the following for your safety!

The mountain with the farthest distance from the center of the Earth

Did you know that the mountain with the farthest distance from the center of the Earth is not the Everest? Even though the highest mountain on the planet earth is Everest, 8848m above sea level,...

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