The Best Seoul Travel Guide For College Students

Seoul continues to be one of the hottest spots to travel for students all over the world. The city has an amazing atmosphere and hundreds of places to visit. In case you are one of those college learners who are planning an unforgettable trip to this city, this post is right for you. Discover some handy tips for arranging an amazing journey below.

Prepare for a trip

Seoul Skyline

Preparing for a trip is an important step for planning your vacation. Not only you need to take your cards and passport, but you also should complete all your academic assignments beforehand. “Who can write my essay confidential?” This is one of the most common questions asked by thousands of students. The answer to this question is as simple as a piece of cake. Read nerdify reviews and choose any platform according to your needs and budget. Complete all your tasks on time and forget about learning during your vacation.

Make a list

Creating a list of top places you would like to visit is always a good idea when planning your trip. Search for the best sightseeings available online, explore the photos and the reviews of other tourists to choose the best places you would like to visit. It is important to follow this rule especially when you are not planning to stay in the city for a long time. A couple of days is surely not enough to understand the city atmosphere. However, you will surely have an opportunity to take a look at the most brilliant sightseeings throughout the city.

Plan vacation for spring or autumn

Yeouido Park in Seoul, Korea

Fall and spring are the best seasons to visit Seoul. The fact is that summers are very hot and wet, while winter days are often very nasty. In case you want to enjoy the city, it is better to plan a trip from March to May or from September to October. These periods are considered to be the best ones for traveling to Seoul.

Purchase or rent a portable Wi-Fi gadget

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi is not available in every location in Seoul. Therefore, having a personal Wi-Fi spot will be a great solution for your needs. You will be able to keep in touch with all the family and friends, make posts in social media, and share your location with all your mates anytime and everywhere. By the way, renting a portable gadget is much cheaper than purchasing a local sim card. Therefore, you can save money for something more interesting.

Purchase an integrated palace ticket

Exterior view of Gyeonghoeru Pavilion and lake in Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul, South Korea.

This purchase will also help you save a good sum of money in case you are planning to visit numerous tourist spots in the city. This way, you will get a pleasant discount for the entrance tickets to various palaces. By the way, the integrated ticket is valid a whopping three-month period after the date of purchase.

Search for more discounts

There are lots of travel deals offered by numerous official Korean websites. In case you spend just a couple of minutes before the travel, you might find some exclusive promotional codes and discount passes to various interesting places. This includes shows, parks, museums, zoos, and even an airport transfer. Moreover, you can subscribe to some services and monitor the prices to get the most attractive prices.

Live time for history

Seoul, South Korea

Most students prefer visiting numerous clubs, cafes, and explore the nightlife of Seoul. However, it is important to leave some time for investigating various historical places and museums, too. This will help you better understand the culture of locals, explore the Korean traditions, and learn plenty of inspiring facts. Take a look at the country’s past and feel a special atmosphere of Seoul by visiting its top historical places and museums.

Try local cuisine

Sticking to traditional hamburgers and sandwiches is not the best idea when it comes to visiting other countries. Try to get more experience with tasting the local dishes. Although you might not be a fan of Korean cuisine, it is definitely worth trying. The number of dishes available for both tourists and locals is simply amazing. However, consider choosing the reliable restaurants and avoid purchasing meals from suspicious and low-quality culinary spots or cafes. By the way, you can use various services with the reviews on different restaurants in the area. Lots of tourists share their feedback on visiting local cafes – it might appear to be helpful for you, too.

Follow the rules

South Korea is another country with its own laws and rules. Although some restrictions might seem odd or ridiculous for you, it is always important to follow them. Otherwise, you might easily face a huge fine. The rules work for both locals and tourists.

Seoul is an amazing city. Just follow our simple rules and enjoy an unforgettable vacation!