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How Your Brain and Travel Affect Your Sleep

Most people can agree that traveling definitely does something to their ability to sleep well.
Tropical getaway remote panorama of impressive Pinagbuyutan island from the native wood and bamboo terrace, beauty of Philippines island

Classic Vacation Destinations Full of Fun and Excitement

Vacation destinations wish to offer a healthy environment and several classic options are inherently safer than others during the pandemic.

A Guide to Getting an Australian Working Holiday Visa

Australia’s the ‘lucky country’. Known for our sunny skies, natural wonders and laidback lifestyle, it’s no wonder people want to come and visit Down Under!

Melbourne | The most liveable city in the world

Each year, the Economist Intelligence Unit draws up a list of the most livable cities in the world and for the third consecutive year, ranking first the Australian Melbourne, which exceeds Vienna and Vancouver. The...
Road Trip

How to Get your Car in Shape for a Cross-Country Road Trip

If your car has only been used for short trips throughout the year, it will need a little bit of TLC before you embark on a longer journey. Road trip season approaches, and with...

Travel to Southeast Asia | Which Country to Choose

I constantly receive requests from travellers who are planning a trip to Southeast Asia for the first time, to tell them which are the best places to visit and what to do there.

How Would You Plan a World Trip if You Had $1000 Per Day to...

It is one of the first questions most people ask themselves when considering around the world trips: how much will it cost?
Sotano de las Golondrinas

Sotano de las golondrinas in Mexico | One of the most eccentric ways of...

Probably one of the most spectacular places to perform a free fall or a bungee jumping is in Mexico in the jungle of San Luis Potosi. A group of Texans ornithologists who were studying...

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