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Tips For Traveling To Italy

Here are some tips for traveling to Italy. Based on our experience of being in the country for many years here’s all you need to know to travel to Italy and enjoy the trip!
Pink Dolphin

The pink dolphin is the “Mermaid” of the Amazon

Among the natives of the jungle legend circulates the Pink Dolphin or Boto is actually a Yarina, a woman swimming in mysterious rivers and lagoons and her song attracts men. The dolphin, whose scientific...

Tips for Visiting Miami for the First Time

Miami a place recognizable by all even if you've never visited before. Miami, like most great cities of the United States, is a temptation for the traveler.
Magic or not?

The strangest hotels you can ever imagine

You want to live your own adventure but the standard hotel ruins that Indiana Jones feeling? Let us show you where to go for the adventure to start in the hotel itself! - Montaña Mágica...
British Airways

Save Money on British Airways Flights with Avios

There’s nothing better than the prospect of jetsetting abroad for a quick break from the humdrum of everyday life, especially when Jack Frost is nipping at our toes and the cold winds have settled...

5 Destinations in Dubai That No Fashionista Can Afford to Miss

United Arab Emirates is a land of sand but there is no drought when we talk about shopping. For many tourists, the main reasons to book Dubai trip package is to shop. If you are a shopaholic, Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations where you can boast ultra-modern shopping malls to traditional Arabic souks.
Unicredit Tower, Milan

The Unicredit Tower in Milan | The tallest skyscraper in Italy

It is located in Italy, but not only, as more often is cited among the most beautiful buildings in Europe and the world. Among others recognize the quality of the building, the German Emporis, a...
Yeouido Park in Seoul, Korea

The Best Seoul Travel Guide For College Students

Planning an exciting trip to Seoul? Don’t know which places to visit? Discover a handy travel guide for college students in this post.

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