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Forest and sky

Planning an Extended Vacation Abroad – Consider These 6 Helpful Hints

Many folks book a week-long vacation, hoping it’ll be enough to recharge and distract from everyday stressors. But after long travel days, unpacking efforts, and settling into a routine, your vacation may already be...
View from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building

Tokyo metropolitan area greater population than Argentina and Colombia

Did you know that in the Metropolitan area of Tokyo live nearly as many people as live in Spain? The large area of Tokyo (Tōkyō-ken), also known as the Tokyo-Yokohama area is the largest metropolitan...
Unicredit Tower, Milan

The Unicredit Tower in Milan | The tallest skyscraper in Italy

It is located in Italy, but not only, as more often is cited among the most beautiful buildings in Europe and the world. Among others recognize the quality of the building, the German Emporis, a...

Traveling Alone – The Lesser Known Kind of Joy

When we think about going on a trip to an unknown place, we first think about the people who we’re going with. Traveling alone might sound scary and overwhelming but it’s one of the best feelings in the world.
Towing an iceberg

Icebergs can be used as a source for drinking water ? | Did you...

Did you know that 70% of the planet's water is found in the polar caps? Every year millions of tons of melting ice are diluted in the seawater. For this reason, a project named...

How to Save on Your Data Roaming Costs While Traveling Abroad

Going abroad on a much-needed holiday brings a whole new host of excitement; however, it can be crushing when you come to the realisation that you won’t be able to use your data due to the expenses.

Tips for Visiting Miami for the First Time

Miami a place recognizable by all even if you've never visited before. Miami, like most great cities of the United States, is a temptation for the traveler.

The Danger of What’s in Your Pocket

We’re more global than ever before. We travel abroad, and need to be constantly connected. E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and just local bus times and restaurant suggestions. Where before, we’d rely on travel guides...

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