The city with the most bridges in the world is Hamburg| Did you know...

Köhlbrandbrücke If we ask for cities with more bridges in the world, surely we would think in Venice (Italy) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). But there is still a city that has more bridges than these two...

The best rooftop bars on the planet

Aer, The Four Season Hotel, Mumbai There is nothing better than enjoying drinks with your company and breathtaking views. The best places that can offer this scenery are hotel rooftop bars, located in different but...

Top 5 Places to Visit in Australia

Rock show Australia is a country that has proven irresistible to adventurers and travelers the world over. While it could be easy to spend weeks exploring everything the densely populated east coast has to offer,...

Top 10 Most Dangerous Islands Around the World

The islands make wonderful destinations whenever one needs a break, but some of them are quite notorious.

15 Things To Do In Edinburgh If You Are Visiting For The First Time

Spending your vacation in Edinburgh? If it’s your first time to visit Scotland’s capital city, you’ll want to maximize your holiday time and enjoy everything that this beautiful place has to offer. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

The Top 5 Belfast City Tours

Belfast is a great city and now that the Troubles seem to have been left behind, it’s burgeoning confidence is there to be seen by all.

10 Most Beautiful Villages In Northern Ireland

Here are the most magical and amazing villages in Northern Ireland. Come and discover them with us!

15 Things to Do for First Time Visitors of York, England

First time traveling to York? Here are some of the most beautiful and important parts of the city to see and explore!

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