Chapy The Traveling Cat – Crowdfunding Campaign Review

This review is to support our little friend Chapy with his Indiegogo: – a site all about cats. This is for a good cause and even $1 helps. You can also check the amazing perks. Donate now!

Chapy is a beautiful white cat well known on the internet for its traveling adventures. Chapy has been to a lot of places and has seen many magnificent landscapes. One could say, Chapy has seen and received a lot during his trips which is why now Chapy has decided to give back to the world.

His plan is to help cats all over the world starting from Greece. However, in order to do this, Chapy needs as much help as he can get. For this purpose a Indiegogo campaign has been launched which is meant to fund the plan and the betterment of his site which in turn will improve the way Chapy can communicate with his followers.

How it works

Chapy has provided a detailed breakdown of where the funds will go on the campaign page. If you agree with him and would like to make the world a better place for cats as well, then all you need to do is visit the campaign’s page and back it. You don’t need to donate a fortune to make a difference. Every dollar counts. By backing the campaign you are also eligible to receive small gifts as a gesture of gratitude by Chapy.

What’s good about it

We wholeheartedly believe that Chapy is trying to do good and during our travels to Greece we have become aware of the great number of stray cats in the country’s streets. As such we are certain this campaign is a great step towards helping these cats find a home and in the long run, ultimately making the world a better place for cats. In addition to this, the campaign has a realistic and flexible goal which is attainable even if everyone who reads this gave a single dollar. Finally, whoever backs the campaigns gets something in return and that in itself speaks volumes.


We have followed Chapy through his travels and we want other cats to have the same chances of being happy as him. Maybe not on a beach but at least in a warm home. However, this can’t be done by a single cat or person but with the support of everyone. You can make a difference. Donate now!

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