Cool Things to Do in the Australian Outback

The Australian Outback is one of the most unique landscapes in the world. It is home to many plants and animals that are not found anywhere else on the planet. The fantastically diverse ecosystems and stunningly beautiful surroundings make the Outback a popular place for both Australian and foreign tourists alike. Read on for a list of cool things that you can do if you decide to take a trip into the great outdoors in the near future.

1. Uluru

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is one of the most iconic places in the whole of Australia. It is home to a stark red-rocked monolith which is over a thousand feet high that you will see on postcards on sale around the country. The rock features indigenous carvings made thousands of years ago and is a fantastic place to watch the sunset over the desert. If you are feeling brave, you can also camp in the national park; make sure you bring reliable equipment from an outlet like Campsmart before you set off.

2. Alice Springs Desert Park

While the town of Alice Springs in itself is nothing to write home about, you will inevitably pass through it on the way to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Before you leave, make sure you visit the captivating Alice Springs Desert Park, where you can get up close and personal with the incredible variety of flora and fauna found in the desert.

3. Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is an old mining town that used to be known as “The Opal Capital of the World” due to the vast amounts of the mineral that lay beneath the ground. It is located around 500 miles away from Adelaide. To escape the searing heat of the desert, the locals have built their town, including restaurants, houses and hotels, underground in the old mineshafts.

4. Fly Over Kakadu National Park

One of the best ways to take in the sheer magnificence of the Outback is to take a helicopter ride over Australia’s largest National Park, Kadaku. It is best to go in the rainy season when the rivers are full since the park hosts some breathtakingly large waterfalls that will fill you with awe as you soar above them.

5. Take a Ride on the Ghan


Bisecting the continent from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south, the Ghan is regarded as one of the world’s greatest train rides. The route will take you directly through the desert, and the train has facilities for luxury dining and offers the option of private cabins. It stops off at some of Australia’s most famous landmarks.

Limiting your trip to Australia to the well-travelled East Coast Route is a crime. A sojourn into the spectacular Australian Outback in a must for anyone who wants a take of the real Australia. Include some of the sites and activities mentioned in this articles in your itinerary to make your holiday the trip of a lifetime.

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