Cuba – A Place Where the Old and the Modern Coexist

Traveling to Cuba allows you to live a unique experience, you do not have to use a time travel machine to travel through time here, you do not have to imagine anything; everything is real and wonderful! You can also fully enjoy the ancient and modern bond that coexists everywhere in this beautiful island. Run away from that modern world you live in and get unique moments full of antiquity and modernity at the same time.

Do you like Old Classic Cars?

Do not wait any longer then; come and travel back in time 30, 40 or even 50 years, this Caribbean country has old cars, of American origin most of them, which locals also name almendrones. Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Pontiacs and others, continue driving down the streets, for over half a century past their time of splendor, despite the fact that American cars stopped coming to Cuba in 1959. This makes Cuba the foreign country with the largest possession of classic American cars.

Strolling in one of those old convertible cars is one of the best ways to get to know the streets of any Cuban city or important urban areas, such as the Malecón, the Historic Center or the Revolution Square (Plaza de la Revolución). Watching these Old Classic cars driving side by side the brand new latest models through all the Cuban streets, is a fascinating view that you cannot miss.

Despite all the difficulties overcome by Cubans to keep their cars, no efforts are spared to proudly show their modern works of art, that is why Cuba is definitely a rolling museum with a family history enriched by more than 50 years.

Who has not heard about the beautiful modern buildings surrounded by the oldest buildings in Cuba?

On this Caribbean island, you will see modern stores and luxurious hotels surrounded by houses of more than 300 years old. You will visit attractions such as: historic squares (De Armas, San Francisco’s, the Cathedral), castles (The Morro’s Three Kings, the Royal Force, the San Salvador de la Punta, the Atares and, above all, that of San Carlos de la Cabaña, and others). Symbolic buildings like the Cathedral, the Ambos Mundos Hotel, the trending restaurants Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio, outstanding monuments and museums (Museo de los Orishas, the National Fine Arts Museum, José Martí’s Home Museum, Plaza de la Revolución’s Municipal Museum Máximo Gómez, José Martí Memorial, Sports’ National Museum, Casa del Automóvil, Dance Museum, Colonial Art Museum, etc.). You will be delighted by the simultaneous concentration of classic and modernity in all these places. Do not miss it!

Do you like to take pictures with that old touch in modern landscapes?

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Central Park or the Capitol and take incredible black and white pictures with surprising but very real effects, using the street photographer camera of more than 100 years of age, without having to use the effects of your camera or tablet. Walk by the streets of Old Havana looking for these incredible scenes and take an old sepia-colored picture, among pastel colored buildings and old cars, like in an image with half scale of grays and half in color. Enjoy this unforgettable experience that is already a tradition done by many travelers who capture their black and white images as a reminder of their visit, which is still possible, thanks to the efforts of some street photographers who are reluctant to abandon one of the most known traditions of the city.

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