Essential Modern Travel Luggage To Take With You

The moment of packing a suitcase and preparing the luggage can make travelers nervous, whether they are backpackers, experienced travelers or first timers. Because of this we leave packing until the very last moment, which makes it even more stressful ultimately.

However, times have changed and taking the appropriate clothing and accessories is not always enough. There are modern solutions to these modern needs and below we’re taking a look at some essential modern things to accompany us during our trip.

Microfiber towel

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This is a very practical thing to have as it takes up almost no space, and is a fundamental basic that can save you with its many uses.

Mask and earplugs

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Depending on your destination these could be essential. Sleeping without blinds is bad for many people, plus if you’re visiting a busy city, the noise could be too much for some people and some noise canceling could go a long way.

Reusable water bottle

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I always travel with one of these, you do good to the environment and it is useful for any occasion. It’s not just convenient but also a great sustainable way to help the planet.

SIM card or roaming

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Make sure you have internet anywhere, it can save you on more than one occasion. Having done your research in advance you’ll be able to navigate with ease no matter where are. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that some countries block online content from other countries so you could be left out of your favorite websites in some of your possible destinations. However, there’s an easy way to bypass this with VPN, which allows you to mask your country of origin so that you can visit any site from any place in the world.


Young family with a child packing for holiday.

It is useful for the lockers of the hostel, or to close the suitcase if we leave it in a storage room. Also if we want to check the luggage, it’s a safe way to make sure your privacy is never invaded.

GoPro Camera

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No matter the destination, having a camera that can capture your experiences no matter how extreme they are, can be a great asset to have by your side. The footage can later be used to create a movie as a memory of an unforgettable trip. Having a camera that also doesn’t take up a hand so you can mount if anywhere and use your hands for whatever activity you’re partaking in is a great idea.

Finally, the list is over. I hope this post about essential modern things to take with you to travel has been useful to you and if you still don’t have a clear destination, keep in mind most of these can be useful anywhere, from the most extreme locations to the calmest small towns.

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