Hiking for Mountain Goats

Most people go for a walk in the park or in the woods, but for some people this is not enough. The ramblers. People who hike the Three Peaks and prefer to grab their backpack and go out at any spare moment. The real go-getters go much further and go for alpine hut tours and multi-day treks in Nepal and Africa. Do you like that? These are our favourite options.

Alpine Ibex in the morning in Julian Alps

Hiking from hut to hut

Woman hiker walking on winter mountain top  cliff edge

Hut-to-hut tours are the absolute climax for mountain hikers. Even if there is only one day available for the mountain tour, a hut tour is worth it. Go out in the morning, enjoy a hearty snack at a hut at noon and descend into the midday sun again. A hut tour is always worthwhile as a day trip! Even better, of course, is to take some more time. You might as well when you’re in the Alps.


If you want to see the sunset behind the mountain peaks, you should at least plan a weekend trip with an overnight stay. After all, the tranquillity of nature can never be experienced so impressively as during a peaceful sunrise on the summit of a mountain. You can find hut tours in every country in the Alpine region. From France to Slovenia you can find multi-day hiking trails. The Tour du Mont Blanc, starting in Chamonix, being one of the more popular options. A great draw-factor is that the Tour du Mont Blanc cost is lower compared to some hikes in for example Austria or Liechtenstein. Another popular route, albeit more expensive, is the GR20 Trek on Corsica. This route is also a few days longer, and due to the lack of accommodation on the way, it is not as easy to organise as some other hut-to-hut tours in Europe.

Meerdaagse trektochten

Hiking Boots

Basically the same, but a little different are multi-day treks. This is often with a guide and porters for the luggage. Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan are just a few examples of the most popular trekking destinations. Also in Africa it is possible to go hiking for days in a row. The Drakensberg in South Africa, the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia and Mount Kenya in Kenya are all favorites. The absolute climax in Africa is of course Kilimanjaro. You might not expect it, but you can simply conquer the Roof of Africa on foot. No ropes, no climbing harnesses, just your favourite pair of hiking boots. Hiking for mountain goats? Definitely.

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