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The theater is the sector of art which refers to the performance of stories to the audience, using mainly speech, music and dancing. It can have various forms, such as the monologue, opera, ballet, pantomime and many more. The theater was first created in ancient Athens, as an evolution of the dithyramb, and the first forms of theater throughout the Greek antiquity was the tragedy, the comedy and the satirical drama. In 1962, the International Theatre Institute, introduced March 27 as the World Theatre Day. See below some of the most beautiful theaters in the world, where the live performance deserves an applause.

Shakespeare’s Globe, London, England

The original Globe theater was built in 1599 but was destroyed in a fire in 1613. In 1997 they built a loyal copy of the theater, just a few meters from its original position. The most characteristic feature is the thatched roof, the only one allowed to be built in the British capital, after the great fire of 1666.

Shakespeare's Globe
Shakespeare’s Globe

Salle Richelieu, Paris, France

The Salle Richelieu, otherwise known as the Comédie Française, was built in the late 1600’s. Like a living museum, as it includes objects, artwork, paintings and statues of great interest from the history of the French theater, as the chair of the actor Jean Baptiste Poquelin from the play The Imaginary Invalid.

Salle Richelieu
Salle Richelieu

Teatro Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil

There are not many theaters in the tropical zone of the Amazon and the Teatro Amazonas is definitely the most impressive. Built in the late 19th century, while the design was undertaken by the Italian architect Celestial Sacardim. It has 198 chandeliers, who arrived there from Italy, while the central dome is covered with 36,000 ceramic tiles in the colors of the Brazilian flag.

Teatro Amazonas
Teatro Amazonas

Tampa Theatre, Florida, USA

The Tampa Theatre was designed by the architect John Eberson, who had also planned the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. Among the most characteristic elements is the Wurlitzer organ with 900 pipes and 99 lamps of the roof, which reminiscent of stars that flicker.

Tampa Theatre
Tampa Theatre

BAM Harvey, New York, USA

The BAM Harvey opened in 1904 as a venue for the staging of Shakespeare’s works, inspections and musicals. In 1942 it was converted into a cinema, before the dancer Harvey Lichtenstein asked the architect Hugh Hardy to remodel the interior, so as to work again as a theater, says a report in CNN.

BAM Harvey
BAM Harvey

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By Nicole P.

Theaters photos: Mr. dale, VISIT FLORIDA Editor, Vanessa Oliveira, Nathan Bergeron, Isaac Bordas.

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