Most beautiful beaches around the world | Aitutaki in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are tiny specks floating in the South Pacific Ocean, at an incredible distance from any other land mass, specifically from Australia and Mexico. We must therefore have good reason to get up there!

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Seven good reasons that were provided online by massive travel blogs, starting from the beautiful beaches of Rarotonga and Aitutaki, fantastic places to swim, fish and admire the seabed and paddling … There are kust 2,000 inhabitants in this island which, after the most beaches it is the main tourist destination in the Cook Islands, perhaps the most remote island of the South Pacific

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It is indeed an island protected by a colorful coral reef, amongst lush motu and beautiful palm-fringed beaches, spectacular views of the ocean and the inner lagoon. Both relaxation, activities related to the sea, first of all snorkelin  and beach volely, a small church, the oldest of the archipelago, some huge ficus, and a small island, Tapuaetai, one of many of the atoll of Aitutaki.

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Tapuaetai, one of many, except that in 2008 it was awarded by an Australian magazine for the best beach in all of Oceania, and for this reason it became the destination of many tours that promise the best view of the lagoon. There is a small airport on the island, which is connected with the Air Rarotonga to Rarotonga, 45-minute flight for three or four daily flights.

By Nikos K

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