Most beautiful beaches in the world | En Vau in France

The French use the term Calanque to define a bay or a creek, which flows between steep walls of rock, usually limestone, typical of some areas of their Mediterranean coast. By their very nature, usually they are inaccessible places, which can hide hidden paradises as in Corsica and the French Riviera.

En Vau, France En Vau

Among them, Calanque En-Vau is one of the most beautiful places that makes the difference. En-Vau, a piece of crystal clear water on the coast between Marseille and Cassis, is one of the deepest coves which can be accessed by sea or along difficult paths that wind among the limestone rocks.

En Vau fantastic view Crystal waters Beach of En Vau

The award goes to those who managed to get to the end. It is just a small, remote beach, set in a spectacular natural setting. The beach is well known and in order to arrive in the area, it is not difficult to find the right directions. In summer, however, when the risk of fire is higher, it can be reached only by sea.

By Nikos K

Photos: Robbie Shade, Martin From Tyrol, Fred_V, maarjaara, Sterev Giannini.

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