Must have apps for sports fans around the globe

Employee holds up a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Tab tablet computer and an Apple iPad as he poses at a store in Seoul

ESPN Sports Centre – Free

ESPN is one of the largest and most respected sports broadcasters on the planet and their latest brainwave comes in the form of the ‘ESPN Sports Centre app’. This offers a broad interface, with a great range of videos, news, scores, stats and standings. The app puts the consumer in direct contact with the newsroom; its notifications and exciting twitter integration make it the perfect resource for sports fans across the world. ESPN are renowned for providing the most up to date and breaking news stories so fans will never miss a thing; it offers an efficient way of keeping all of your team’s news in one place.

Team Stream – Free

People who are familiar with ‘Bleacher Report’ will recognise the excellent coverage it provides, alongside the thorough journalism and fantastic media accompanying it. Team Stream is the iOS companion to Bleacher, allowing you to select a team and bring together all the stories and information surrounding your team, taken from various sources across the web, featuring local news outlets as well as national sites and blogs. Again, Team Stream boasts an excellent interface.

CBS Sports – Free

CBS is one of biggest roundups of US sport on the planet. It efficiently covers football; both NFL and NCAA, as well as Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis and Soccer. One of the key features is that you can personalise your push notifications, allowing you with the opportunity to view only the sports that are important to you. Another great feature is CBS Sports Radio, which can also be live streamed. Like the ESPN app, it has an interface feature, as well as Bracket Manager, which lets you compete against friends and the entire nation as your favourite NFL competes throughout the season.


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