Off the Beaten Tracks – A Leisurely Weekend in Zurich

The first things that comes to mind when thinking about Switzerland are snow covered mountains, deep forests, lakes, and picturesque villages. Of course! No matter where your trip through Switzerland might take you, you will always be surrounded by a breath-taking alpine scenery. However, once you’re there, visiting one of the big cities should be on your to-do list. Among those, Zurich is the place to be! Let’s dive into this amazing town and venture off the typical touristic tracks.

Boutique and design hotels where you’ll feel at home

As one of the most important hubs of Switzerland, Zurich offers all the classic hotel chains which you’ll find all over the globe. But to get the most out of your stay, to feel more at home and part of the city, booking a room in a small, cosy hotel is the right way to go. The “B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa” is a great example. The building – a former brewery – is situated in the heart of Zurich. The design concept is amazing! It picks up the old industrial charm of the brewery and combines it with modern styles and adorable design details. The library holds more than 30,000 books, the centre piece of the spa area is an infinity pool on the roof and the breakfast is to die for! All rooms are individually designed and merge modern comfort with urban design elements.

Another very stylish place to relax is the “25hours hotel Zurich West”. This small design hotel chain from Germany is known for its innovative approach to common hotel traditions. Each hotel uniquely mirrors its city – not only in appearance but also in the familiar way the staff connects with the guests. You will have the feeling of staying with friends who want to give you only the very best experience of their home town. Although the hotel is in the upper price range, this beautiful place is worth every penny.

Some culinary treasure boxes in Zurich

Switzerland in general and Zurich in particular are extremely welcoming places. Hence, you’ll find a vast choice of restaurants which will pamper you with delicacies from all over the world. But then again, you’re in Switzerland and the local cuisine offers a great variety of truly amazing treats! If you are a single guy on the road, you might want to enjoy these culinary highlights in combination with a wonderful and uncomplicated date in Zurich. All you need to do is to pick up the phone and contact one of the top-class escort agencies, and let them arrange a rendezvous with the lady of your choice. Once you’ve got this sorted out, it’s time to book a table. A great option for a romantic dinner is the “Wystube Isebähnli”. This very small and cosy winery and restaurant is a real insider tip for Zurich! You’ll be served a 7-course tasting menu which changes every week. Plus, you can choose among hundreds of spectacular wines from the best regions of the world. If you prefer freshly caught fish from the Zurich Lake, just seek out the only camping ground in the city. This might sound strange but here you’ll find the Restaurant “Fischer’s Fritz” which is known as THE place to eat for all fish lovers in Zurich. The restaurant has its own professional fisher man who sails out on the lake every day. The catch of the day is then prepared and transformed into truly mouth-watering dishes.

Zurich: city vibes and natural wonders at your door step

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of this great city for a few hours it only takes a couple of minutes and you’re surrounded by a fantastic nature scenery! For instance: Take a tour to the famous Rhine Falls! With over 600,000 litres per second this force of nature is considered one of the biggest waterfalls in Europe and is less than an hour drive away from Zurich. Another unforgettable experience is a short hike up to the Uteliberg! The view from 870 meters above sea level over the city is spectacular. If you’re into mountain biking, the ride down to Zurich over the “Plattenweg” will surely get your heart pumping.

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