Read About Amazing Destinations – My Amazing Travel Blog Review

Are you a traveler who loves exploring the world and reading about different beautiful destinations? You must be since you’re reading this but you might also want to read more at My Amazing Travel, which is a blog featuring some of the most amazing destinations from around the globe.

How it started

My Amazing Travel was started by Cosmic Ace, a travelling blogger from Macedonia who has been to over 24 different countries and has lived in several of them. He was always fascinating by travel and all the gorgeous places one can find in our world and always knew this is what he wanted to do in his life. For him it’s not just a hobby or a passion but a way of living.

How it works

The blog is regularly updated with new content which includes reviews of amazing places worth seeing and visiting. Readers can not only find useful information about destinations but also spectacular images of these places, making you want to travel there yourself. On the homepage are visible some of the most recent articles but if you’re interested in a specific type of travel such as city breaks or adventure travel, there are categories for each, making finding what you’re looking for very easy.

What’s good about it?

The best part about My Amazing Travel, same as with most travel pages, is the great and heartfelt content. It’s unique content that is not a repeat of what you see in every other blog. The stories told are meaningful and some of them are told from the personal experiences of the author. Finally, there’s a lot of useful information in each of them which can be invaluable to travelers heading there.


Traveling is something we absolute love and couldn’t live without. It enriches our lives with both knowledge and experiences. Getting to know other cultures improves a person so much and having that happen while visiting amazing destinations is the best that can happen. Thanks to that we believe My Amazing Travel blog does a great job portraying the beauty of these destinations for how they truly are!

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