The Best Beaches in the Philippines

If your idea of a vacation includes crystal blue waters, engaging in water sports, and just relaxing at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – then the Philippines is one of the best places to visit!

Below is a list of our favorite beaches in the Philippines. While some seem to cater only to tourist demands, other off-beat places allow people to relax in near isolation. Between these 2 types, you can surely find the perfect beach experience!

Alona Beach

Alona Beach with white sand, Panglao, Philippines

Located on the southwest region of Bohol, Alona Beach is the main attraction of this popular island. It’s also a world class diving and snorkeling spot, where you can easily come face to face with turtles and dolphins.

Do not forget to don aqua shoes, if you are going to examine sharp coral reefs or the sea urchins that reside here in abundance. Other places you must visit are the Chocolate Hills and the sanctuary protecting the endangered tarsier monkey. You can easily visit all of these in even a single day by booking one of the popular Bohol tour packages. These packages are even available for people who stay out in the nearby Cebu City.

Saud Beach

Beautiful lagoon at Phi Phi Ley island, the exact place where "The Beach" movie was filmed

Saud Beach is located in Pagudpud, which is often called ‘The Boracay of the North’. People see it’s part of Luzon (the same island as Manila) and assume it will be crowded and easy to reach. In truth, getting there from Manila takes nearly 10 hours by car. So most chances are you’ll have the beach pretty much to yourself.

If you want to visit Pagudpud but are weary of the long roadtrip, you can fly from Manila to Laoag and then it’s only a 2 hours’ drive from there. True, the coral reefs and rock formations may not be in abundance, as seen on other beaches. However, the perfect lodging facilities and the sense of having got away from it all, suffices to relax you completely.

Kayangan Lake


Are you wondering how you can find a beach alongside a lake? Well, this is an unusual place, located on Coron island. The land surrounding the lake is stunning in its beauty! Apart from admiring the serene surroundings, you will enjoy the experience of swimming in the calm waters, snorkeling under the surface, and diving from the cliffs.

Other attractions are the coral gardens, the beautiful creatures hiding in the depths of the sea, and presence of shipwrecks. You may also climb a flight of stairs on the cliff, to have a marvelous aerial view of your immediate environment. All of these are easily available to tourist who stay in the best resorts in Coron Town.

White Beach

Tropical beach in Coron, Philippines

This is a common name for several beaches across the Philippines. However, the one located at Boracay Island is the one that you should be looking for, as it is the best of them all.

Roll on the pristine beach with its soft, white sand. Have fun in the calm waters, that seem dark-blue in appearance. If you are a photographer, click away to your heart’s content, capturing the best images of the elevated rock formation that overlooks the island, the superb sunsets, and much much more. After all, there is a reason why Boracay, and White Beach in particular, are the most popular tourist attractions in the Philippines.

Paradise/Sandira Beach

Top down view of beach

You will have to travel to Bantayan Island, in order to access this wonderful classic beach. The place is full of exotic blooms. The waters are brimming with a myriad of tropical fish. Furthermore, the beach itself appears as a marvelous landscape, completely free of trash, and lined with palm trees. Enjoy swimming or snorkeling in the sea, with calm and cool tropical breezes for company. Since you may not find accommodation to your liking, you could opt to stay at Santa Fe, which is just a few km away. You may then reach Paradise beach via a short motorbike ride.

Paliton Beach


There is a small island that the Filipinos believe to be rather mysterious and magical in nature. They even believe that it is place where witchcraft might exist. This is Siquijor, which is located on the eastern side of Bohol and the southern side of Cebu. You can reach this place via an 80-minute ferry ride from Bohol, or a 50-minute ferry ride from Dumaguete. The shoreline is lined with large-sized palm trees. The beaches on this tiny island are sparkling and soft.

The most popular beach is Paliton Beach. Apart from the usual swimming, snorkeling and diving activities, you may feast your eyes on incredible waterfalls, and meet marine life in their underwater homes. The sunsets are spectacular, wherein the skies exhibit various colors ranging from orange to red and black. They are responsible for the island gaining the title of Island of Fire. The numerous fireflies only add to the beauty of the night with their glowing bodies.

Bitaog Beach

A stream of fresh water flows into a beach

This is a gloriously secluded place, highly appealing to romantic couples, as well as families waiting to move away from hustling-bustling cities. The stunning surroundings hide some of the best beaches in the Philippines. You will feel as if you are able to see right up to the depths, when you enter the clear waters of the sea. The sand just slips through your hands, as if it were extremely fin powder, offering soft beds for you to lie upon. As for the highly visible rock formations, they are fantastic! Thus, swim, snorkel, water ski, or laze around to your heart’s content!

General Luna Beach

Beautiful beach with boat at Philippines

Siargao Island is a famous surfing spot, attracting tourists and pro surfers from all over the world. You should have no trouble surfing over the beautiful swells and marvelous waves, with no fear of being crowded out of the picture!

There are plenty of lagoons around the place, allowing both, novices and experts to show off their swimming skills to the maximum. Then again, you may explore the mangroves, investigate waterholes, or opt for hikes on well-known trails. In actuality, Siargao Island is a kind of small beach town, with its own local shops offering all kinds of goods. Siargao is also one of the most backpacker friendly places in the country, and a perfect location for budget and DIY trips.

Caramoan Islands

Chair on the beach

If you are looking for some thrills, then do make your way to the secluded beaches on these islands. They are part of the unexplored regions at Bicol, bordering the Camarines Sur. You should adore the trash-free, pristine, white beaches. The sand is soft and powdery in appearance. The terrestrial attraction is the range of rock formations.

The aquatic lure is the rich marine life found in the depths of the sea. If you have the adventurous spirit, you may tackle the long journey to reach the place. If a drone is ready to take you, get set to visit this isolated set of islands, where just a few fishing families reside. Alternatively, you may begin the journey with a one-hour flight to Legazpi from Manila. Follow this up with a three-hour drive by road from Sabang Port, and finally, a two-hour trip by speed boat to Caramoan.

Nagtabon Beach

Sea view, beach on the island, tropical sea island

The location is Palawan, a mere 40 minutes distance from Puerto Princesa. You may travel by motorbike or a tricycle. If you are looking for a place to commune with nature in harmonious surroundings, go no further! Unlike most famous beaches in Palawan, you won’t find any tourists here.

You will love the peace and quiet as you lie down on the soft sands, with the clear waters of the sea lapping your feet. The palm trees lining the beach send cool breezes your way. When you feel more energetic, sign up for a local boat tour, which helps you hop from one island to another. Otherwise, swim, snorkel, and surf. The coral reefs are home to abundant species of fish.

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