The Complete Airport Parking Guide for Gatwick Airport

When it comes to airport parking, different people prioritize different things. Some people will want as much convenience as possible mainly because they are frequent travelers and they will want to travel comfortably. Some people will look for affordable rates because airport parking can be quite expensive, so looking for the best deal makes sense. Some people will want to get the best value from their money, which means get as many services as possible in the amount they are paying. If you are someone who is looking to book Gatwick parking online, then you have come to the right place because we will tell you about all your options that you can consider regarding parking your car at the airport.

1. Valet parking options

Gatwick airport parking offers valet parking, and in this option all you have to do is drive your car till the terminal where someone will come and get your car and bring it back to you when you come back. This is also know as meet and greet parking. So if you prioritize convenience, then this the perfect option for you. However, you should know that this is one of the most expensive options out there. This options makes sense if you are on an all paid trip, and your expenses are covered by the company you are working for. Moreover, if you have an expensive car on your hands you will want the maximum amount of protection possible. The valet services also offer other amenities such as car washing, oil checking and more so you will be getting a lot of value from the money you are spending at the same time. In short, there are many perks to this option but they will come at a hefty price.

2. Daily parking

Another Gatwick parking option is daily parking, which probably ranks second in terms of expense after valet parking. This option offers a lot of convenience as well because you will be parking in the terminal parking lot, which will be super close to the entrance and exit gates. However, daily parking charges by the hour so if you are looking to park long term at Gatwick airport, then this is probably not the best option for you. This option is great if you are coming to pick someone, or drop them off. And if you are someone who is concerned about the protection of the car, you will be happy to know that this parking is covered.

3. Economy options for parking

If you are looking for a longer term option, because you might be travelling for a couple of days, then you should look into the economy parking option. Not only is it more budget friendly, but you will also be provided airport transfer if you are to use this option which is also known as park and ride. This option works great for someone who doesn’t have anywhere else to park their car, but also wants an economically feasibly option. If you check on parking apps like parkos, you will be able to find great deals because they always have some kind of offers going on.

4. Off airport options

Perhaps the most feasible and budget friendly airport parking option is off airport parking. These parking lots are not the airport’s properties, however, they are meant to provide the same service as an airport parking lot but at a much affordable rate. These lots also provide free shuttle services to and from the airport, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. In terms of other amenities, such as valet parking and surveillance, these are also provided by the off airport parking lots so it is not like you will be compromising on security by paying a lesser amount. If you book before hand, for instance a week prior to your flight then you will get an even better deal. This is perhaps the cheapest option that you can find when it comes to airport parking, and it will also provide value for money.

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