The Most Beautiful Beaches in Portugal

Portugal has many golden sand beaches sprawled across, transparent blue-green waters that stretch over 1700 kilometers along the coast country and its islands. Algarve in Portugal is the beach hotspot and these are the most stunning beaches in the country.


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Galapagos is located in Parque Natural de Arrabida, in the Serra de Arrabida region and it is a unique beach area in Portugal. It features soft white sands that form a striking contrast with the turquoise waters. It is predominantly dotted with coves, and it is home to eagles, polecats, and wildcats.

Praia de Bordeira

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Praia de Bordeira is located at Carrapaterira in the Algarve, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. This breathtaking beach has soft dunes, a small river and an area that is perfect for surfing.


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Compare Beach is located in Alentejo is one of the best beaches in Alcacer do Sal, a port town. The golden brown sands stretch far beyond eye view. This beach usually gets frequent visits from the affluent Lisboetas. The top-notch cafes and restaurants are well known for their quality gastronomy.

Praia de Figueira

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The Praia de Figueira is located at the village of Figueria. Although it is one of the least visited beaches in Portugal, nothing can steal its shine. The golden dunes, turquoise waters, and bespoke restaurants are part of what makes the Praia de Figueira retains its charm.

Foz de Minho

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Foz de Minho is Portugal’s farthest beach to the North. It is located at peninsula enclosed deep into the woods, just around the area where the Rio Minho links to the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is sheltered and you can seek shelter under the pine trees. The soft white sands are perfect for a seaside picnic.

Praia de Odeceixe

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Praia de Odeceixe is located at Odeceixe in the Algarve. This bay calls out to holidaymakers and surfers during summertime. The golden sand beach and blue waters are perfect for surfing, swimming or strolling. If you ever get tired of getting some good dose of Vitamin D from the Sun, you can seek cover under the shade of the umbrellas that stretch across the beach.


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Nazare is located at Estremadura, and it was once a fishing village. The beach is predominantly a stretch of pure white sand and blue waters with strong waves. If you love adventure and you feel you can weather the waves. You can take a swim in this Atlantic beach which looks alluring during the heat period.

Praia de Marinha

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The Praia de Marinha is a beach area in the Algarve that stretches between the Armacao de Pera and Centianes. The Praia de Marinha has a collection of coves and high cliffs. The turquoise blue waters are excellent for a plethora of water sports. There is a nearby sea cave that is as huge as a Mausoleum.

Praia de Tavira

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Praia de Tavira is located at Ilha de Tavira in the Algarve, and the sands are the beach is soft, golden color. You will sight brightly colored umbrellas which serve as shade for sunbathers. Taking a walk along the shores of the azure water with your loved one gives a calming effect.

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