The pass of Llogara in Albania

The pass of Llogara in Albania, is a picturesque mountain pass overlooking the Albanian Riviera, and for this reason it is also known as a scenic spot to admire the Albanian Riviera from above in height to 1072 metres. It is a play on words, or advertising, to say that here you can be between the sky and the sea. According to some historians, Caesar came here to battle with Pompey Dureazzo.

Llogara Pass panorama Llogara

Llogara is located 30 km from Vlora, the entire area to step may be covered by pine and fir trees, inhabited by abundant wildlife (deer, squirrels, wild boars, wolves, and several species of birds of prey) and is protected by the homonymous natural park of Albania. The pass is also a tourist resort, the LLgora, where a lot of tourists spent their holidays last year.

Llogara in Albania Llogara -  Albania Albania - Llogara Pass

Andrew has been there a couple of times and he stated that:

What can I say? I have been there previously, but for a day I lived in a fairy tale setting the pace in the Llogora road from Vlora is a must for those who must go to the south of Albania, it was a great experience and I think it is more for those who have children, my advice is to come due when the summer heat is on while everyone will be gasping down the heat, you can be in the cool of the mountains and landscapes. We had a great day in this sort of village in the woods; with the fawns that were quietly close while we were grazing the grass it didn’t seemed to be disturbed. The accommodation was good, same thing is true for the village restaurant (but whoever wants a few steps there are others, we have Alberti found excellent) and the price of a bungalow was not overly high for a unique experience.

How to get there:

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By Alba V

Photos: _SkErDi_ , ZsuMaksa, Godo-Godaj , Mr.Awenec , Kushtrim Krasniqi

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