The pink dolphin is the “Mermaid” of the Amazon

Among the natives of the jungle legend circulates the Pink Dolphin or Boto is actually a Yarina, a woman swimming in mysterious rivers and lagoons and her song attracts men. The dolphin, whose scientific name is Inia Geoffrensis, is endangered mainly due to the advancement of the human population in the Amazon. The most common actions that impact these animals are: the extension of the land for cattle ranching and agriculture, the gold precious stones searching and after that the extraction process in which toxic substances are released into the surrounding water. Since the main source of food for the Delfin Rosado is the fish, the commercial fishing is also a threatening factor. Yarinacocha Pucalpa is one of the few places where this mammal can be seen calmly.

Pink Dolphin
Pink Dolphin

By Nikos K

Photo 1: amersol

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