4Rioja, Spain

Rioja, Spain

Wine as a local product has begun his march towards globalization for decades. Even more, the regions that produce wine go up in lists the most popular destinations! On each trip goal is to win one unique experience, to know the place and its people and to try traditional products produced by the site. The wine can be a purely tourism product, and the visitor can not only taste it, but get it together in the country.

The Rioja offers an elitist mixture Iberian history, stunning scenery, traditional cuisine and fine wine. Among the Spanish regions that produce wine, considered the oldest of all. Located in northeastern Spain and is protected to the north by the mountains Cantabrian. It may well take pride in the long history of winemaking. The transition in modern commercial era became the 19th century, when the French producers fleeing the phylloxera, crossed the Pyrenees and settled in Rioja. With more than 600 wineries in the surrounding area are a variety of advantages. The quality and prices vary. The main grape variety of the region is the Tempranillo, while there are Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo among red wines. The most famous white wines are Viura and Malvasia. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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