Traveling to Las Vegas – 7 Tips For Your First Vacation in Sin City

We all aspire to vacation or visit the infamous Las Vegas at one point in our lives and if you get the chance to, you should know how to go about your time spent. There are always knowledge others are willing to give out about how to act in a certain place. Those that take the chance and embark on adventures of the Las Vegas Strip and other Vegas attributes, should keep certain things in mind to make sure they enjoy their time in this city.

We all know of Las Vegas as Sin City, and sometimes people come to visit for that reason solely. Whether you are traveling young or old, with a group or by your lonesome, you want to be prepared for what is to come. That means you should research thoroughly to make sure you know what you should. Try to make sure you come out with great stories to tell. Here are some tips to ensure you having a great time in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas


1. Have a Plan

Before anything, you must have a plan set in place. You should plan ahead of time for the things you want to do and how to do them. You want to plan a budget so you have an idea of what kind of money you will be spending. Planning is about more than just activities, it’s the detail behind it as well. Create a list of your must-do activities and must-see landmarks. Map your events correctly by remembering the days and amount of time you have.

You can make your life easier if you map out the areas your activities are in to ensure you don’t have to exert too much energy to get there. Make sure to notate the costs and fees associated with each activity. If you plan on going to the casino to gamble, have a budget set in place so you have a limit and don’t gamble your money away. There are many people who leave Las Vegas empty-handed and broke because they didn’t have enough self-control or a spending limit.

Las Vegas

If you plan to go to certain clubs, make sure to use sites online to help you research and find the best club options. There are even VIP club guest lists you can get on ahead of time to secure your entrance to certain clubs. Plan ahead for any activity or factor of your trip. You want to enjoy your time on vacation without being stressed out over little things that can be solved by planning.

2. Pick a Suitable Hotel

Make sure to pay attention to the type of hotel. There are many different types that are tailored to every traveler taste and you want to make sure the hotel or resort you choose fits your vacation type. For example, you don’t want to stay in a resort that is all about children when you are on a romantic vacation. Try to think about the reason you are traveling. Is it a bachelor party? A girls trip? You want to make sure you consider the activities you will be doing as well. If you want to stay away from gambling, you would book a room in a resort or hotel that has a gigantic casino floor. Research the right hotel options for your trip.

Las Vegas

3. Hydrate!

The important thing about visiting such a warm and dry destination is to stay hydrated throughout your trip. It may seem like a task to keep hydrated but it is essential to having a fun trip. You don’t want to have to miss out on activities because you are fatigued and dehydrated. Las Vegas is located in the desert so you know it will be warm during the summer months so you must be prepared.

You must also think about the amount of alcohol you intake and try to balance it out with bottles of water. You want to enjoy your time in Vegas but you should stay healthy while doing it. Just because it is warmer than most doesn’t mean your fun should stop.

Las Vegas

4. Utilize Rideshare Apps

It is advised to never drive anywhere on the strip while in Las Vegas. You would be best at using rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber to get around. Not only is it more convenient but limits the amount of stress that comes with driving in a busy area you aren’t necessarily familiar with. There are many places in Las Vegas that are walking a distance so if you can walk to a destination, it would be an ideal way to limit spending as well.

5. Pace Yourself!

Pace yourself when it comes to gambling, drinking, and all the other exciting things Sin City has to offer. When you are drinking make sure to stay hydrated and refrain from operating vehicles. It is said that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but that is the total opposite. What happens in Vegas could more than likely follow you home and create trouble there. Be mindful about your activities and try to pace yourself.

Las Vegas

6. Get Enough Rest

Vacationing in Las Vegas may make it difficult to get enough rest. There will be activities and things going on 24/7 and you must gauge time to dedicate to rest and getting enough sleep. We know Sin City has a lot to offer and it wants to party, but take a moment to just simply enjoy your time away from home. If you need to go back to your hotel or Airbnb to nap it is understandable. Being out and about all day can get exhausting, especially when there is heat involved.

Las Vegas

7. Know What to Expect

The ultimate tip for a great vacation in Las Vegas is to know what to expect. Sin City can be really unpredictable and you should be prepared for what’s to come. Know what kinds of crowds are going to be at casinos at certain times if you want to avoid certain kinds of people.

Know how to get to your next destination and prepare for busy times of the day. You know it is going to be warmer than most places, so expect to need water on hand for the duration of your trip. Knowing what to expect will make your trip easier and more stress-free.

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