10 Amazing Places to See in Croatia

Bathed in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, there is a country of gray and light blue tones. A place dotted with beautiful coves and corners where loneliness and tranquility takes over. This country will satisfy the delights of any traveler. More than a country, a true paradise. Below you’ll find 10 amazing 10 places in Croatia.

1. Istra Peninsula

Part of Italy, Croatia and Slovenia; The Istra Peninsula is the largest in the country. In it we find great landscape diversity from the “Blue Istra” or coast to the “Green Istra” or mainland, which is much quieter even in summer. The coast offers some of the best beaches in the world.

Ocean lighthouse on Istria penninsula, Croatia

It houses a large number of cosmopolitan cities such as Porec, possibly the most comfortable and cheap destination; Rovinj that gives off a special charm, and Pula, the largest city on the coast with an open-air Roman museum.

For lovers of nature and hiking, in Istra we find the mountain system of Ucka where the highest peak in the region is located.

2. Krk Island

Krk Town , Croatia

Krk Island is easily accessible, whether you want to cross the bridge that joins the continent, or if you decide to arrive by ferry. Another appealing option is to visit while enjoying a yacht charter Croatia sailing journey. It is considered the largest island in the entire Adriatic Sea and one of the most beautiful to see in Croatia. Its main city baptizes the name of the island, Krka, which stands out for its Roman and medieval architecture. You cannot say goodbye to the island without visiting Senj, a small town overlooked by a castle with majestic views.

3. Cres Island

With its beautiful and inaccessible beaches, Cres Island retains an appeal that many other neighboring islands have lost: the loneliness that is breathed in it. You can relax in its beautiful coves but also go strolling through its beautiful villages and enjoy their architecture. Lubenice, Beli, Osor and Cres are the most prominent locations on one of the largest islands in Croatia.

4. Rab Island

Perched on gray rock cliffs we find Rab, a medieval town with beautiful stone buildings where its four bell towers stand out, giving it majesty. You have to go to the Lopar peninsula, on the same island, where you’ll find the best sandy beaches.

5. Plitvice National Park

Waterfalls in Plitvice National Park

Magical light blue corner listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. A must see in Croatia during our route. The Plitvice National Park is dotted with a meandering network of waterfalls that will delight its visitors. Waterfalls, walkways, crystal clear waters, leafy areas.. A day trip where contact with nature is its main attraction.

6. Zadar

Ancient city where Roman ruins and medieval churches coexist in total harmony with current cafeterias and friendly terraces. Zadar is known above all for two attractions that combine technology with nature: “The organ of the sea” that moves the listener to another world thanks to the sounds produced by the waves when traveling through a system of tubes; and “Greetings to the Sun”, an incredible play of lights that explodes colors when the sun sets on the horizon.

7. Krka National Park

Waterfall of Krka National Park, Croatia

The river Krka pierces this green landscape for more than seventy kilometers until it reaches the Skaradinski Buk waterfall, the most significant point in the park. Krka National Park, with its 800 meters in length and 17 levels, is a dreamy place to see.

Apart from giving you a beautiful postcard, you can enjoy a well-deserved dip in the lower lake. Do not be shy and enjoy the moment.

8. Split

This authentic gem to see in Croatia is the second most populous city in the country. Its historic center is occupied by the Diocletian Palace, declared World Heritage and considered one of the most impressive Roman monuments in the world. Split stores bars, shops and restaurants among its walls; where once the daily life of the city was spent. Already outside its walls we can walk along the old Riva, a beautiful promenade now rehabilitated with marble. Split is also known for its gorgeous blue caves.

9. Korcula Island

Known for its olive trees and vineyards, Korkula becomes the greenest island in the country. It is said that Marco Polo was born in the city that gives its name to the island, a great navigator who traveled to Mongolia and China. After touring its marble streets and contemplating its red roofs, the medieval citadel of Korkula reminds us of the fortified Drubrovnik, but in smaller size. Wine lovers cannot overlook trying its sweet wines, made with the “grk” grape, a variety grown in the Lumbarda area.

10. Dubrovnik

City of Dubrovnik, Croatia

The pearl of the Adriatic Sea retains authentic jewels within its defensive walls. After the cruel bombing of 1991 in the war against Serbia, Dubrovnik has managed to rise again. A mandatory visit is to its walls through the pass of the round, a way to admire the city from a bird’s eye view. Dubrovnik gathers all the attractions that visitors can claim, a perfect place to eat, party, go shopping or relax on one of its beautiful beaches. A destination that you can visit once or ten times without getting bored.

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