Traveling to Seville With Kids

If you are looking for a perfect holiday break with your family, then Seville makes for that perfect choice. You will love being in the brilliant sunlight of the city under the clear blue skies. This is a perfect holiday destination for a family because of the ideal weather, great food and loads of attractions. The largest city in southern Spain is filled with a rich history and its colorful streets is just the getaway you are looking for your family and kids.

Here are some suggested ideas for an itinerary for a family on a trip to Seville.

  • Take a carriage tour of Seville – Schedule a private horse and carriage tour of Seville and this is just the perfect way to explore the town. However, start early before it gets too warm for the ride. You can cover some of the major sites during the tour and it is a great way to get acquainted with the town and get the feel of it.
  • Go to city’s central Cathedral – Visit the Catedral de Santa María de la Sede which is a mix of Moorish and Christian architecture. Children simply love to climb to the top of the bell tower, La Giralda sits on a 12th-century mosque. Enjoy great views of the city from the top.

  • Visit the oldest palace Real Alcazar – The oldest palace of Seville looks like an old fortress from the outside. Once inside, you are amazed by those tiles and mosaics, the archways and courtyards. Children love to play in the courtyards and gardens of the Alcazar. You can spend hours here at the Real Alcazar with your family.
  • Explore the Maria Luisa Park- Maria Luisa Park is just the ideal spot for the kids. After all, they feel free to run and explore the beautiful public space redesigned by Jean-Claude Nicolas. You can also rent quad bikes to explore the parks and gardens or simply relax in the city to enjoy the slow pace of Seville life.

  • Visit the Isla Mágica – Isla Mágica theme park is another hit with families and is located in La Cartuja. You can explore the Spanish galleon in the culturally themed, ride coasters and enjoy the water rides. Children love the train ride to Potosi as well as family-friendly shows. If you and your kids love the rush of adrenaline, you are sure in the right place.
  • Enjoy a flamenco show- Flamenco is one of the best-known traditions here. It is also a great way to introduce the children to Spanish music, dance and culture. As all children love music, they are sure to enjoy the flamenco.
  • Sightsee the old Jewish Ghetto- Visit the Barrio Santa Cruz, the old Jewish Ghetto that is the historic spot of the city. Go through those winding streets filled with shops and lined with orange trees and jasmine plants. You can shop for local clothing and painted pottery from those gift shops.

  • Make a day trip to Cordoba – An excellent trip for the whole family is to take the high-speed train to Cordoba to visit the Great Mosque of Cordoba. It is indeed one of the most spectacular architecture on earth that carries the elements of Moorish and Renaissance architecture.
  • Boat trip on Guadalquivir river – Enjoy one of those touristy boat tours on Seville’s Guadalquivir river. The boat trip is sure to keep the children entertained and they would be thrilled to learn that the river connects Seville to the Atlantic. One enjoys great views of Seville from the river and its historical and colorful neighborhood.

Enjoy the sweet treats – Take advantage of the abundance of restaurants and cafes in Seville. Although kids will always want an ice-cream, introduce them to something more traditional, like torrijas. The delicious snacks are available in most cafes in Seville. Another favorite with kids is the breakfast in Seville, churros and hot chocolate. Take a private tour in Seville and know where you can enjoy the best delicacies. Try new foods with your children while you are in Seville and take advantage of the incredible selection of food and tapas

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