Webloyalty study reveals traveller irritations in 2014

Airport queues most likely to rile travellers, according to new research

Webloyalty study reveals traveller irritations in 2014(1)

What are your holiday irritations?

Webloyalty research has revealed that although the majority of us have nothing to complain about during holidays, a whopping 48% of us did. Here are the most popular irritations:
• Airport queues (16% of us hate these)
• Lack of leg-room on the plane (14%)
• Bad weather (11%)
• Hidden charges (9%)
• Insects! (7.5%)

More findings from the Webloyalty research

crowded beach

Unsurprisingly, 6.6% of us are irritated by excess baggage fees, and 7% by crowded beaches.
Some of the more obscure irritations include ‘closed attractions’, ‘fierce air conditioning’ and ‘too many British people’.
One quite interesting result from this research is that 2.9% of us complained about ‘rude waiters’, closely followed by 2.6% of us complaining about ‘over attentive waiters’…

This Webloyalty research study looks at Travel and Leisure Habits in2014, investigating what we’re planning for the holiday season:  Travel & Leisure 2014: A Webloyalty Research Report

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