What to do in London when it comes for night

Your first visit in London must be in London’s Soho where tourists and locals join together to have a wonderful night. There the choices to make a drink are endless and if you enjoy drinking, Soho is the place you shouldn’t miss. Otherwise you should try to move to Notting Hill where you will find sophisticated and fashionable places.

After a relaxed dinner, there are numerous cinemas and theatres to visit. For me cinema is the best choice and in London cinemas are far from trivial. There is none who won’t be satisfied from the Electric cinema in Portobello road 191. It’s the oldest room in England, lavishly furnished with leather armchairs and tables where you can enjoy your meal.

Nightlife in London-UK
Nightlife in London-UK

When  it  comes for  night life  in London things  get  difficult  because of  the endless nightclubs but in  the areas between Old Street and King’s Cross Brixton, you  will enjoy the  London’s  crazy night life . If you want to find the right place at the right time, it is recommended that you consult some magazines on the evenings and on events to see. Things to do in London are endless and very varied. You can also check on the web for special events that you should see .Do not forget to have fun and enjoy London…!

By Angela B

Travel Photo: Vodcran

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