What to see in Berlin | The gigantic gray-color buildings of Friedrichsfelde

We have already seen that those of CitéCréation manage to get very good results, such as evidenced by the murals in the neighborhood of Bel Air in Chartres. Now, however, the French have conquered the land of the German capital, bringing back to life a large residential complex located near Friedrichsfelde, where one of the two Berlin Zoos (Tierpark Berlin, the former West, so to speak) are located.


The inhabitants of the great popular complex, run by a cooperative, can now boast of life in the largest fresco ever conceived in an inhabited building. But tourists will also benefit, taking the subway U5 to Friedrichsfelde and Tierpark Berlin. You will be able to admire the frescoes inspired by the zoo animals (parrots, bears, flamingos and storks) and then proceed to a stop and visit the zoo with the real animals.

Friedrichsfelde Buildings Buildings of Friedrichsfelde

By Nikos K

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