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5 Short Breaks to Europe by Car

Opting to travel to a holiday destination via car is great not only because it allows for journeying at your own pace and choosing the idyllic scenery you veer past, but it also allows you to avoid modern travel roadblocks like airport security checkpoints and lengthy layovers. And with transportation godsends like underwater tunnels and […]

Visiting Paris in four days

Paris is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, also called the City of Lights because of its many night lights. It always attracts thousands of tourists in search of art, culture and romance. It is a city with a history behind it, and this is presented in a multitude of monuments, museums […]

Ten secrets of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

One of the most famous landmarks in the world and a landmark of the city of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, recently celebrated its 125th birthday! It is difficult to imagine a monument that has been photographed more than the most famous tower in the world. Since its opening, the elaborate structure was converted into a […]

The new Penthouse Suite of the legendary hotel George V in Paris

A place where time does not exist anymore. This is how they described the new prestigious suite of the top Parisian hotel George V, with views of the six terraces to give magical images 360 degrees from the City of Light. The Four Seasons wanted to pick a very high standard of living experience restored […]

Eating vegetarian food in Paris | The Gentle Gourmet Café

What you see in the picture above is the legendary burger restaurant’s à la française Gentle Gourmet Cafe which is located at number 24 Blvd de la Bastille in Paris, you know, if you look for an alternative dining experience, or a healthy, or even fanciful , just have a seat. The Gentle Gorumet Cafe […]

The National Museum of the Navy in Paris

The great galleries of the Musée National preserve the artifacts of naval history dating back to the seventeenth century with  many fine antique ship models, maritime-themed paintings, navigational instruments and parts of ships of war. But the most important pieces are a whole boat used by Napoleon Bonaparte and a collection of large Figureheads, which […]

What to see in Paris | La Grande Arche de La Defense

Unlike the latter, the Arche de la Défense has a history over a hundred years. It has just turned its first 24 years, having been inaugurated on July 14, 1989: its glasses that day reflected the amazing fireworks that lit up the sky in Paris to celebrate the 200 years of the Revolution. La Defense […]

Fashion Capitals of the World

Paris, London and New York are all considered to be the main fashion capitals of the world! They all offer something different for those who want a fashion inspired weekend break, whether it’s learning more about the history of fashion, finding one off designer pieces in a fashion boutique or discovering new fashion talent. Paris […]

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