What to see in Albania-Durres

Durres is Albania’s second city in importance and population, and in a few years has become a tourist destination in all respects with all the amenities of a modern city. It ‘a city that, after the communist and fascist of the twentieth century has been able to emerge from oblivion becoming one of the most important airports in Europe. Here’s how and what to visit in Durres.

The amphitheater of Durres-Albania

The amphitheater of Durres-Albania

Durres has a large marina dock where many ships arrive from Italy and dozens of miles beaches waiting for you. These broad white beaches are all free and open onto a sea, where you can rent an umbrella and chairs for a few dollars/euro a day. The amphitheater of Durres is one of the oldest regions of the Balkan and which was erected in the second century. This amphitheater shows signs of early Christian culture with crypts and Christian mosaics of rare origin. The history of Albania is preserved in the museum of history and the archaeological museum where the entrance is very cheap and for the students the price is very low.

The old town of Durres

The old town of Durres

Another place to visit is a symbol of Durres stronghold, which is situated on the hill of the old town where you can admire a beautiful view over the port and the surrounding beaches. Durres is also famous for the baths of the ancient origins which attract many visitors during the summer months. Durres is a beautiful city to visit in the evening in the many cafes which are located in the stronghold.

By Elsi H

Durres photo: John atte Durres photo 2 maykal

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