5 Reasons Why Caravanning is Not Just for Old People

Although many retired people enjoy travelling by caravan, they are not the only ones who are fond of the special mode of transportation and accommodations. In fact, a large number of people of all ages sell or rent their current homes and take off in caravans for months or even years after discovering the joys of caravanning. In all likelihood, the reasons for younger people to caravan equal or surpass the motives that inspire the older generation in their caravanning adventures.

1. Bonding with Family

Young adults with several children may remember caravanning with their parents years ago and want to give their own kids the opportunity to have the same kinds of experiences formerly enjoyed by their extended families. Travelling by caravan and living in caravan parks promotes stronger family ties because families living in that environment generally eat together, play together and spend most of their time together rather than all going their own separate ways.


2. Unique Educational Experiences

Teaching young children about nature and the environment is more effective when living in an outdoor setting for a week or two. Young families that want to take advantage of the unique opportunity to see the country by travelling in their caravans for an extended time usually participate in home schooling for the children. Submitting schoolwork on the Internet weekly is not a problem because it is normally easy to find Wi-Fi spots if travellers’ own service is unavailable.

3. Make New Friends

Camping clubs abound in Australia, offering many opportunities for travellers to make friends of people with whom they have something in common, and some of the clubs encourage members to attend monthly meetings or rallies in different locations. Because rallies usually occur on weekends, younger people with steady jobs can still take part in the meetings without taking time away from their work. As an added bonus, parents can more closely monitor their children’s choice of friends when they meet at caravan parks.

4. Experience Nature

As everyday living increasingly removes young people from nature, they have instinctive desires to experience that native environment in authentic, personal encounters rather than by glancing at its beauty while travelling to their five-star hotels. Young people often lead very busy lives and find that they sometimes feel overworked, exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. Taking their caravans on holidays where they can enjoy the majestic beauty of nature in a more intimate manner helps give them the relaxation and renewed vigour they need to face their routines again.

5. Cost-effective Getaways

Caravanning offers value because families as well as singles can travel without spending extravagant amounts for their overnight sleeping accommodations, and they can cook meals in the caravans instead of eating in expensive restaurants every day. Many caravans come fitted with refrigerators and microwave ovens, making it easy to store and prepare food to save money. Eating and sleeping are two of the costliest activities for travellers, and drastically lowering those expenses allows people to spend more on other attractions and entertainments they might otherwise be unable to afford.

Travel photo: Asmundur Porkelsson

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