7 Cool Things to Do in London With Your Children

You climb the stairs to the Oxford Circus, and suddenly you are in the busiest, liveliest and most active part of Europe: in the centre of London. Where thousands of people run to catch up on their jobs, the tube, the obligations, the time. Tens of thousands of tourists loaded with heavy bags full of groceries trying to squeeze in between people to get to the next store while the red double-decker buses almost hit you if you are not at the crossing or if you forget to look for a moment on the right side of the road. If you’re visiting and would like to store your stuff somewhere before you try the following list of things then check Nannybag London luggage storage.

Smiling child on holidays in London

But through all this traffic and crowds, the city of London offers many exciting options for your family. London is an incredible kid-friendly European capital as long as you know where to go and especially what time and day you will visit each spot. Let’s find out the 7 cool things you and your family can do in the city of London, shall we?

1. London Eye

London Eye, London, United Kingdom,London Eye and waterfront lit up at night, London, United Kingdom

Forty minutes is enough to see and admire the capital of England from above. Talk to your kids about the most important attractions you can find, map them, and you will get a few minutes of valuable rest.

2. Magical London: Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour

Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour

If your kids are fans of the little wizard called Harry (who isn’t), then this tour is for your family! Meet your tour guide in Soho and follow in the footsteps of the most famous little magician on the planet! The tour lasts 2.5 hours, and the price starts from 23 pounds/person. So grab your wands and get ready for a magical journey!

3. National History Museum

Towers of the Natural History Museum

Get off at South Kensington area and explore the iconic neighbourhood of  The Museum of Natural History will enchant young and old as it travels you through the world of dinosaurs with exhibits and interactive techniques while introducing you to the evolution of the planet, minerals, animals and humans! You will not get tired of looking at the impressive dummies and fossils of dinosaur skeletons and eggs while the periodic exhibitions are a must-visit for everyone.

4. Hyde Park


It is the perfect opportunity to take fantastic walks in the city centre. Choose which park is closest to you and walk for an hour or two enjoying nature, the utter calm, the horses that will pass you (yeah really) and the squirrels that jump from the trees! Do not forget to get acorns to feed them!

5. Lego Store

Lego Store London

It is located in the centre of Leicester Square and takes you to the magical world of Lego where everything is possible as long as you have the right bricks! This Lego Store is the first in the world to have the opportunity for Lego Mosaic. Get in the photobooth with your kids, take a perfect photo and get the bricks to make your own Lego Mosaic collectable! It costs 100 pounds and is really worth it! At the same time browse the massive constructions such as the subway car, Big Ben, the British telephone booth and the whole map of the underground tube.

6. Crazy Golf

Plonk Golf Crazy Golf London

After you visit the Lego store, we suggest you see with your children a specific place for mini-golf games or otherwise as your children call it, crazy golf. In these specially designed areas, you can enjoy a fun mini-golf game with various obstacles, ramps, pipes and carpets, decorated and embellished with fantasy designs and themes. Playing a game of mini-golf will give you exceptional moments of laughter, carefreeness and ease for you and your family. Plonk Golf in London with four different venues in the city gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fun mini-golf game with the rest of your family, with unbeatable prices and an ideal environment for your child.

7. Science Museum

Science Museum London

Probably the most interactive museum you’ve ever visited, right next to the National History Museum in South Kensington. Visit Wonderlab, experiment and start the journey in the history of science from discovering the first manual loom until you reach the final level of space exploration.

Of course, London is enormous, and no matter how many times you visit it, you will never feel that you have “conquered” it. Schedule and decide that you can not see everything. We certainly did not mention dozens of other kids-oriented attractions, such as all-time classic Madame Tussauds, the Aquarium, a walk in the Covent Garden, the Zoo, the HMS Belfast that drives young children crazy, the Transport Museum and dozens more, but these activities that presented above are the ideal to get the first taste of this magical city called London!

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